Thursday, February 22, 2024
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The Ohio Power Siting Board denied separate applications for rehearing regarding the board’s decision to deny an application filed by Republic Wind to construct a 200 MW wind-powered electric generating facility in Seneca and Sandusky County. 

The Energy Jobs & Justice Act would require retail electric providers to submit carbon reduction plans to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio detailing how they will reach a 50% in carbon emissions by 2030 and 100% reduction by 2050.

The Ohio Power Siting Board wants to hear from the public as it reviews its administrative rules governing applications for solar farms. The board is considering implementing new rules for solar facilities, including setbacks, landscape, lighting design, perimeter fencing requirements and operational noise. 

Pennsylvania is figuring out how to get more energy storage in the state as it looks to create a resilient, reliable clean energy grid. One area of opportunity is putting battery storage with the many solar projects proposed to be built in the state.

Fossil fuel consumption was at its lowest level in 30 years in 2020, while energy consumption from renewables hit a record high. While 2020 was not a normal year, the data point to a changing U.S. energy landscape.

Republic Wind wants another shot at building a wind farm, arguing that the Ohio Power Siting Board put too much stock in local opposition to the project. The Ohio Power Siting Board voted in June to deny the application, finding the proposal would not serve the public interest and could not minimize its environmental impacts.

The Ohio Power Siting Board approved applications for two more solar projects during its July 15 meeting. Within the last month, the board has approved 877 megawatts of solar energy to be constructed in the state.

In a rare move, the Ohio Power Siting Board denied Republic Wind's application to build a 200 megawatt wind farm in Seneca and Sandusky counties. Community activists celebrated the rejection, while the developer, Apex Clean Energy, cried foul.

Amazon is building 11 more solar farms in the U.S., including its first in Pennsylvania and another in Ohio. The projects, announced June 23 along with renewables projects in Canada, Finland and Spain, will make the company the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the U.S. and the world.

For many Ohioans, the first time they hear about the Ohio Power Siting Board is when a solar or wind project is proposed in their town. That's also when they find out how little power they have to effect change. SB 52 could change that.