Friday, December 1, 2023
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Eliza Blue tries her hand at washing, carding and spinning wool into yarn. It's harder than it looks, even for a South Dakota rancher.

One of the country’s major wool buyers is closing its doors later this year, citing the woeful state of the wool markets and rising costs.

At the Lawrence County Fairgrounds, June 8 and June 10, people hauled in wool to be sorted, weighed and baled as part of the Lawrence-Mercer County wool pool.

The American Lamb Board selected Rebecca Miller, of Columbiana County, Ohio, and David Fisher, of Texas, to represent the United States at LambEx in Australia in August.

Ohio-based cooperative, Mid-States Wool Growers Association, says good people and good service means loyal farmers.

Ohio shepherd's sheep symposium focuses on better sheep production, and presents awards.