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Farm and Dairy posts stories to many social media outlets. With social media, our readers can stay up to date on agriculture news and share our stories with their friends. Why not join us on your favorite social media outlet?

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  • Vimeo. You can watch Field Notes and other Farm and Dairy videos on our Vimeo channel.
  • The Shale Gas Reporter on Facebook. Staying informed about Pennsylvania and Ohio’s shale gas boom is important for our readers. Make sure to “like” the Shale Gas Reporter’s new Facebook page to get every update from Farm and Dairy’s shale gas blog.
  • Brag About Your Bag. Join the community of hunters and fishermen within @farmanddairy‘s readership, sharing triumphs, hotspots and tips for success. Go ahead, #BragAboutYourBag!
  • Farm and Dairy’s 100th Anniversary Tumblr. Farm and Dairy celebrated its 100th anniversary with vintage farm photos! Follow us on Tumblr to see dozens of farm photos from yesteryear!

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    If you’d like the scoop before anybody else, follow Farm and Dairy’s editorial staff. You can see what kinds of things they do in their off-hours, what they’re reading on other sites and you may even see the occasional photo or two.

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  1. I just want to say that I have looked all over the web for days for information on the white webs that appeared on my Elm trees out of nowhere it seems, and only today did your website show up in my search with the ONLY explanation as to what the issue is. I Thank you! The only bad thing is just today I decided, (after watching a few wasps flying around these nests) was to spray them only to read in your info that the wasp was one of the insects that actually feed on these things and could possibly help it. In any case you make it sound like they should be okay. I hope so. The trees are about six years old, very large and seemingly healthy. Have never had this problem before so I do hope all will be well. Thanks again.


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