Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How many times can you forget your youngest child before inevitable therapy is involved?

Living in the country means our mailbox is on a post by the road.

I usually avoid bathroom humor.

Ours is a lovely old farmhouse. Sturdy, solid and square.

I had a very happy childhood. This means my hope of ever writing a really great "tell all" book is probably not going to happen.

It's the dead of winter and a balmy -3 degrees here. This of course coincides perfectly with the need to start shopping for prom dresses to be worn in May.

I was probably thinking about boots when the white SUV pulled out.

Journey came on the radio. Don’t Stop Believin’. You get me, Steve Perry. You really get me.

The entire eight days GirlWonder was on vacation I prided myself on how well I was handling her absence.

We had made our lists and checked them twice. We had removed all extraneous jewelry. We had packed everything in 3 ounce clear travel sizes.
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