Congress serves us best when members are asleep



Will Rogers is credited with saying something like this: The reason Cal Coolidge was such a popular president is because he learned early on that what the American people wanted most from their government was to be left alone.

This is still true today, but with one new slant: While Americans still want their government to leave them alone, most seem to want everybody else to be regulated. And the government has been only too happy to comply.

On a similar subject: We hear people voicing fears of gridlock now that Congress is divided. The libs are wringing their hands and practically weeping over the prospect. But, really, why is that so terrible? The less Congress is able to accomplish, the freer the rest of us will be.

Some 50 year ago, Berry Goldwater said that the time your Congress is serving you best is when they’re in bed asleep. Because when they’re awake, you’re in trouble , and when they’re in session, you’re in big trouble.

William McChesney
New Galilee, Pa.



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