Grandma’s pressure cooker green beans

green beans in basket

One of my most vivid memories of gardening with my grandparents as I grew up was picking green beans and getting them ready for pressure cooking.

My brother and I would help Grandma and Grandpa pick beans from the bushes in the garden, piling them up in baskets. Then we would rinse them with cold water and sit on the deck, snapping them and adding them to a pot. We were instructed to toss any beans with brown spots or holes from bugs into a separate pile.

Grandma’s kitchen smelled so good when she pressure cooked green beans! She added bit of smoked bacon to the beans, giving them extra flavor. Grandma’s green beans were a favorite at summer get-togethers. You just can’t beat fresh vegetables from the garden. And nothing measures up to sweet memories with your grandparents.

I don’t have my Grandma’s exact recipe for pressure cooker green beans. I don’t know if my Grandma ever recorded her recipe for pressure cooker green beans. For her, cooking and baking are second nature. I can only think of very few instances when she would refer to a recipe, and that’s if it was something she didn’t make often.

After doing some research online, I think the following recipes are pretty similar to my Grandma’s.


Tell us how you pressure cook green beans in the comments below!

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