Saturday, February 4, 2023
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Catch up on local gardening news and events in Mahoning County, Ohio.

Catch up on local gardening news in Geauga and Portage counties in Ohio.

Cold frames protect garden plants from cold weather and frost. They can be utilized in late fall and early spring to extend the growing season.

Inspired by their trip to Phipps Conservatory last week, Julie Geiss and her youngest son are attempting to care for their own bonsai trees.

Catch up on local gardening news and events in Franklin and Hamilton counties in Ohio.

There are a couple overwintering options for container-grown trees that protect their root systems without bringing them out of a dormant state.

The Mahoning County Master Gardener Volunteer program training will be offered through Mahoning County OSU Extension starting Feb. 7.

Julie Geiss balances all the treats of the holiday season with healthy sprouts she's learned to grow herself in mason jars on a windowsill.

Learn how to grow your own native Christmas tree to plant at the end of the season to benefit wildlife and improve the ecosystem in your backyard.

Cuyahoga SWCD, Chagrin River Watershed Partners, and Lake County SWCD are offering five Master Rain Gardener courses in 2023.