Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Autumn wreath

Jen's family has the quintessential Thanksgiving spread, until it's time for dessert.

This week, Jen thinks back to her childhood memories of Thanksgiving and her great aunt's 'Black Friday Stuffing.'
Ask Jen chips and dip

It's all about the queso dip.
caramel apples covered in nuts

I don't personally know anyone who isn't a fan of caramel. Caramel popcorn. Caramel apples. Caramel ice cream and candies. Caramel drizzled over cheesecake or your favorite dessert.
carved pumpkins

We all remember heading down to the farm or market as children to pick out that perfect pumpkin to carve and light for Trick-or-Treat.
square pizza

Grandma, a.k.a., my mom, does her fair share of ordering delivery pizza, but when she has the time and audience, her homemade pizza is to die for. It’s her crust.
stew with vegetables

Jen counts down her top five tips for a better slow cooked stew.
multicolored rotini noodles

Isn't it ironic: last week we dove cannon-ball style into the world of gluten-free eating, and this week we're doing a complete 180° turn and eating pasta.

I like the challenge of cooking gluten-free, and I also enjoy the recipes I've collected over the past couple years!
chips and guacamole

In celebration of National Guacamole Day today, I would like to share my mom’s guac recipe.

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