Wednesday, December 1, 2021
square pizza

Grandma, a.k.a., my mom, does her fair share of ordering delivery pizza, but when she has the time and audience, her homemade pizza is to die for. It’s her crust.
Ask Jen text with cookie

You can cook oatmeal, and you can cook WITH oatmeal. Huge difference, people.
Chocolate chips with Ask Jen text

Forrest’s Mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you’re going to get. Wrong answer, lady.
basket of vegetables

Have more tomatoes than you can handle? Jen recommends several ways to use 'em up, plus she offers a vegetable recipe you're sure to love.
chocolate cake with Ask Jen text

Have you ever entered any of your creations into a fair baking contest?
mother and daughter with Ask Jen text

Get the debit card ready for this weekend, folks. It’s time to treat mom to whatever strikes her fancy. For Jen's mom, it's recipes from Carrabba's.

I like the challenge of cooking gluten-free, and I also enjoy the recipes I've collected over the past couple years!
Ask Jen with Christmas ornament

Jen spends Christmas Eve with her close-knit family. Read more about her traditions!
veggie pizza

Jen plants a garden for the purpose of canning and enjoyment the rest of the year, but her plans never quite work out.
Ask Jen chips and dip

It's all about the queso dip.

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