Sunday, December 3, 2023
trumpeter swans

Hundreds of acres, riddled with the refuse of a manufacturing facility, have been successfully converted into Mayor William J. Robertson Nature Preserve.
Dan Wright

The efforts of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife make walleye and saugeye fishing at inland lakes across Ohio possible.
Beekeeper Dave Noble

Red Beard Bees includes 65 colonies, or hives, in the Whitehall suburb of Columbus where owner Dave Noble lives.

Killdeer are shorebirds, but many live in farm fields with short vegetation. They are relentless in protecting their nests and use a few tactics to do so.
Southern flying squirrel

Squirrels are considered tremendous assets to the environment. Ohio is home to the Eastern gray, Eastern fox, red squirrel and Southern flying squirrel.
decoy ducks

Vic Sutek of Columbiana County is just as passionate about duck hunting at 63 as he was at 18. Only one thing has changed — no more plastic decoys.
common loon

Thousands of ducks, gulls and other birds fly in from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Newfoundland and the Arctic to winter on Lake Erie and other Great Lakes.
Ring-necked pheasants

The Ohio Division of Wildlife and Pheasants Forever, Inc. are known for providing pheasant hunting opportunities and working to conserve wild populations.
Lake Erie

Discover how the glaciers that once covered two-thirds of Ohio created habitats for both humans and wildlife and how that's still evident today.

A crew of 20 firefighters left the Ohio state fire marshal's office in mid-August to help combat wildfires near the Lake of the Woods in Minnesota.