Tuesday, February 20, 2024

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is working to get a handle on game bird numbers in order to decide whether hunting regulations need to be modified.

Killdeer are shorebirds, but many live in farm fields with short vegetation. They are relentless in protecting their nests and use a few tactics to do so.
Trumpeter swan

Ohio started a reintroduction program for trumpeter swans in 1996. As of last year, there were 111 breeding pairs and 206 offspring in the state. 
bald eagle

For two professional photographers, Bob DeMay, of Green, and Tim Adams, of Coshocton, taking photos of bald eagles is not just a great hobby.

Instead of being wary of a larger predator that could pose a danger, some badgers will team up with a coyote as a hunting partner. 
barn owls

Barn owls are just one step below "threatened" in Pennsylvania, and are listed as threatened in Ohio and many other states. Learn why and what can be done.
bird feeder

Barb Mudrak shares some tips for feeding birds in the fall from Adam Zorn, the University of Mount Union's Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center's program manager.
fawn laying down

It's best to leave baby animals alone so their mothers return. However, there are things you can try to ensure survival while they're waiting for mom.
wild turkeys

Barb Mudrak traces the history of turkeys in the Ohio Valley back to 6000 BC. Learn how they came to inhabit the area, evolved over time and survive today.

Fishers may be making a resurgence in Ohio as 30 have been sighted in Ashtabula, Lake, Trumbull, Jefferson and Columbiana counties since 2013.