Wednesday, April 17, 2024
fair sunset

Either Ohio's fairs go on, in some form or another. Or they don’t. Either way, Rebecca Miller says Ohio’s youth deserves clarity.
face mask

Rebecca Miller gauges how seriously rural folks are taking the pandemic by the number of face masks she sees at farm supply and feed stores. There are few.
sheep and sunset

It's not too late to plan for "what if" and make some changes. Rebecca Miller shares how her family is doing just that on the sheep farm.

In the midst of the new coronavirus craziness, Rebecca Miller had to say goodbye to a working partner she never knew she needed.

Lake Erie Bill of Rights is dead in the water, for now. Editor-in-Chief Rebecca Miller asks: what does it mean for farmers?
sheep wool

Sheep shearing is an annual rite of passage for Rebecca Miller. Despite the challenges, there is still something about that ritual of taking off the wool.
Alberta rat patrol

Seventy years ago, Alberta, Canada, successfully declared war on rats. It's a source of provincial pride and international curiosity.

It's been a rough decade for the journalism industry. Agriculture, too. Don't let the "sad farmer" stories distract you. Just like in journalism, farming has people who make it work.
1924 cattle slaughtered

In 1924, a foot-and-mouth outbreak rocked California and the U.S. Diseases, like African Swine Fever, are grabbing current headlines. We need better traceability. Now.
kitchen cleaning

We could take some lessons from Good Housekeeping Institute, which holds products to high standards, even with government oversight. Do we have the same mentality in the livestock sector?