Sunday, February 18, 2018
Havana, Cuba

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” — Marcel Proust I think I’ve done more research on...
Editor Susan Crowell and family

Words to live by, from Editor Susan Crowell's father, Don Miller: “Somebody needs to do those things, so it might as well be me.”
oregon cannabis business council

The Oregon Canabis Business Council had nine pot plants on display at the state fair there. Editor Susan Crowell ponders the patchwork of state and federal marijuana laws.
Carl Angiuli

The devastation of the Angiuli's Farm Market fire is soothed by the community’s support in ways that the family can never repay. Learn why the family is #Angiulitough.
Ohio Ag Hall of Fame inductees

No matter what an individual’s skill set is, there is some job within the ag industry that matches it, writes Editor Susan Crowell in her column this week. We need engineers, food scientists, bug fanatics, lawyers, teachers, marketers, policy gurus, even community activists.
ugly food

Consumers are slowly becoming more willing to buy "ugly fruit," which are seconds or cull produce. And retailers are jumping on the bandwagon, says Editor Susan Crowell in her commentary.
Gene Logsdon books

The legacy of the Contrary Farmer, the late Gene Logsdon, will run deep and wide.
Farm and Dairy 1926 clipping

“Agriculture is basic and fundamental; without it, there is neither food, fiber nor the hope of continued civilization." Editor Susan Crowell finds inspiration from 1926 speech.
earth from outer space

Editor Susan Crowell takes a look at climate change and livestock emissions: fact and fiction. There are best practices from the US that would help other nations become more sustainable.
3D food printer

Editor Susan Crowell thought she'd heard or read it all. "But, trust me, you haven’t," she says. There’s now a 3D printer for cheese.
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