Monday, May 16, 2022

I dislike the calculating move by HSUS to target 4-H youth with its subtle anti-animal agriculture message.
future of farming Susan Crowell

The next 35 years will be the most important 35 years there will ever be in agriculture. Editor Susan Crowell wants to know: How are YOU farming for the future?

Humane Society of the United States? Still don't trust 'em!

Editor Susan Crowell's column: The future of agriculture needs the brightest and the best young minds.

Domino's Pizza shareholders took a stand against the HSUS' tactics of pushing its vegan/vegetarian philosophy under the guise of animal welfare.

One stolen political sign is a sad harbinger of the times for Rebecca Miller.

An amazing thing happened last week while you were busy milking, feeding, repairing, resting or doing whatever other chores keep farmers busy in bleak...
ewe and lambs

Farming is often like dancing on the edge of a knife, and Rebecca Miller's winter lambing on the farm put that on full display.

Editor Susan Crowell wants you to go to the movies. (Actually, she wants you to take a carload to the movies.) What's playing? 'Farmland.'

Although I'm sure it's been the source of family feuds, nothing brings people together like food. Cheese diplomacy and other dairy news tidbits.