Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Farm and Family Living columnist Laurie Marlatt Steeb continues her travels through West Virginia.

Farm and Family Living columnist Laurie Marlatt Steeb writes about the growing trend toward vegetarian diet.

Over the centuries and throughout the world and every culture, food, and the sharing thereof, tends to warm the heart and knit the soul....

Here we are in the midst of our holidays; our usual "to do" lists can nearly double during this season.

Beautiful trills of birdsong drifted through the bathroom window. As I raised the mini-blind halfway, I expected to see, somewhere, a goldfinch.

Returning from the Columbiana Street Fair parade, we entered our driveway at dusk where the glimmer of a moving bicycle slowed our approach.

I meant to grab a refill for my checkbook and was sorry to find an empty check box. I don't remember taking out the last set of checks and don't remember any order form that should have been sent in.

Frosty condensation blanketed the backyard grass. The early morning chill coming through the glass of the kitchen window made my arms tingle.

Though blue is one of the most popular colors and is said to cause the body to produce calming chemicals, it is considered one...

Don't let good intentions slip away. If there's someone you've meant to get to know, that you meant to talk to, or hug, or tell that you love them, do it today.
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