Monday, May 16, 2022

Helping prepare a program for my Monday (reader's) Club prompted me to dig out the correspondence my family has saved over the years.

Farm and Family Living columnist Laurie Marlatt Steeb's husband, Mark, gave her a unique Christmas present: a page-a-day origami calendar.

When the vice presidential debate came to a close October 2, the families of both candidates filed forward and gathered on stage to greet...

(As told by Josie Steeb) I felt great picking up my repaired Escort at the garage and even better knowing that I had paid for the repairs myself.

Farm and Family Living columnist Laurie Marlatt Steeb says she's a mixture of old and new with meaningful ties to people and places.

My voice echoed in my daughter's half-empty room when I called out to Mark, "Yes, I think we've packed everything.

My feet splashed through the couple inches of water that covered our basement concrete. Where should I start to clean up? The narrow path through the stuff piled everywhere overwhelmed me.

Feeling the chill of dreary fall mornings makes it hard to come out from under bedcovers and get a move on.

Farm and Family Living columnist Laurie Marlatt Steeb shares more on her temporary disability - recuperating at home after an automobile accident.

Home Living columnist Laurie Marlatt Steeb writes about another part of her family, her daughter's gerbils and how they've reproduced.