Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Lake Erie fishing boat

Beginning in January, Lake Erie anglers fishing Ohio waters will be allowed three rods for the first time. Mike Tontimonia breaks down the pros and cons.

Consider your outdoor endeavors and add a degree of caution as you enjoy each day afield or on the water. Be safe. Don't be careless and clumsy.
three men on a boat

Learn all the secrets of winterizing your boat and perhaps, more importantly, its engine.
fishing lures

Learn how to make slight adjustments to optimize the way your fishing lures are working.
Lake Erie angler

It's time for the annual Lake Erie Walleye Fall Brawl, and just last year over 6,400 fishermen entered the chase.
depth finder

Is it really an absolute necessity that we purchase the newest edition of whatever we purchased just a year ago?

Check out Mike Tontimonia's list of the most effective ways to avoid being busted by an approaching deer.

Shotgun shooting is a two-eyes-open challenge. It's called pointing, not aiming, and it is all about focusing on a moving target.
duck decoy

Old decoys represent hunters past, they attract hunters present, and they promise good hunting in days ahead.

Ever wonder where bait shops get so many nightcrawlers? Mike Tontimonia has that answer and so many more.