Wednesday, July 15, 2020
water bottles

Drinking water is the top priority on any outdoor adventure, especially for hunters, fishers, and hikers heading into the backcountry.
duck hunting

For those who covet prime spots on state parks and reservoirs, on-site drawings for duck hunting opportunities and season-long blind spots are planned.
route 66

On the way to vacation destinations, cruise control and a rush to "get there" all too often take us by points of interest that offer great memories.

Head boat fishing is a great way to spend a few vacation hours waiting for the next bite rather than hiding behind a boring paperback.
Chuck Defer and his hiking partner Goat

Thru-Hiker, 61-year-old Chuck Defer is just about ready to take on the final leg of the Appalachian Trail.
row boat

Summer storms aren't the only thing we ought to be warned about. Here are some other midsummer warnings.
USGI M1911 pistol

Fancy wasn't what John Browning had in mind when the renowned gun maker created the 1911 handgun in the late 1800s, but there was nothing more reliable.

Mike Tontimonia recounts a recent fishing trip.

The Guy brothers operate G&G Charter service, running out of Fairport Harbor, a labor of love for the inseparable pair.
kayak fishing

Mike Tontimonia discusses the kayak fishing trend that's been cropping up and has decided it's pure fun!