Monday, September 28, 2020

Students at Kent State have the opportunities of a larger, public university with a small-town feel; but still have access to all of the wonders of northeastern Ohio.

Thiel College students are taking part in hands on research and experience. Students have internships on and off campus that provide them with insight after their first semester.

Lake Erie College is in a prime location for environmental science majors, with access to surrounding resources, internship sites, and individualized education/experiential learning.

Wilmington College focuses on hands-on learning in the agriculture program. An educational farm enhances the classroom experience and a new, state-of-the-art Center for the Sciences and Agriculture sets Wilmington’s laboratory facilities apart.

Southwestern Michigan College has partnered with Michigan State University to offer Agricultural Technology. It also has an Environmental Sciences program.

Clark State’s agriculture program is a high quality, low cost option for students.

Ashland University, located in rural Ohio, owns several environmental preserves allowing students research opportunities near campus.

Pennsylvania College of Technology is a special mission affiliate of Penn State University committed to hands-on, applied technology education.

Susquehanna University offers two environmental majors with field-based lab courses and summer fieldwork — Earth and Environmental Sciences and Ecology.

Hocking College is one of the few two-year colleges with dorms and campus life experience for students.