25 Ways to Enjoy Soy Foods


Chinese historical documents suggest that soybeans have been grown and consumed for many thousands of years. In the United States, the introduction of the soybean is documented in Georgia, where Samuel Bowen first planted soybeans on his plantation in the 1760s, and patented processes to make soy sauce and vermicelli (soy noodles).
Recent innovations in soy food processing have created an array of soy-based foods for infants, children and adults. In the fall of 1999, the Food and Drug Administration authorized a health claim that links the consumption of soy protein with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease. In the United States, soy drinks and tofus, as well as refrigerated soy foods, can be found in most supermarkets.

Quick tips

1. Pour soymilk over your morning cereal.
2. Fortify a glass of orange juice with soy protein powder.
3. Make soy yogurt and fresh fruit parfaits.
4. Enjoy a refreshing treat with soy non-dairy frozen ice cream.
5. Snack on soy nuts.
6. Sprinkle edamame over a salad.
7. Spread soy cheese over the top of your homemade pizza.
8. Top soy pasta with prepared marinara for an easy dinner.

Soy sweets

9. Enjoy a soymilk (soy milk) or soy yogurt smoothie.
10. Use soymilk in cakes and muffin recipes.
11. Soy pancakes.
12. Re-create an old fashioned favorite, Lemon Meringue Pie.

Easy entertaining

13. Treat your guests to guilt free nachos with smoked soy cheese.
14. Fire up the grill for soy burgers and dogs.
15. Serve Spinach Cheese Rolls as an appetizer.
16. Make a party mix with Soy Crisps and pretzels.
17. Liven up a three bean salad with chickpeas, soybeans and green beans.
18. Blend pureed tofu into guacamole; friends and family will never know this rich and creamy dip contains healthful soy protein.
19. Make a healthy sandwich with soy deli slices and top with a garlic aioli.
20. Go east with Thai Tofu Kebabs.
21. Try a Creamy Ranch Dressing with soymilk.
22. Layer delicious low-fat lasagna with soy crumbles.
23. Craving fried? Craving cheese? Fried Tofu Sticks are the “leaner look-alike.”
24. Indulge in grilled quesadillas or tacos made with ground beef style soy products.
25. Warm up with Potato and Corn Chowder.
April is Soyfoods Month. Serve something soy.


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