4th of July Feelings


That was the best fireworks ever, I thought, as darkness sank over us where we sat so thankful for the cool night air. It reminded me of Christmas trees.

“What?” you say! Christmas trees?

Well, I’m thinking about the way you can decorate a Christmas tree every year, and when you’re finished, you stand back each time and say, “That’s the prettiest tree we’ve ever had!” Has your family said that as many times as mine has? It’s just that the new tree is right there before you so it seems like the best. That’s how this 4th of July was.

Although, it was like having a tree that’s not shaped quite right, and you have to turn it around, and make the best you can of it. This was the first 4th without my mom and, also, the first time my dad went with us to our local fireworks display.

Mom had often come along in recent years. During my childhood, since we lived 8 miles from any town, we never traveled to see fireworks. Dad had always said that he could walk to the top of the hill west of the barn and see fireworks on all sides. (Oh you could see something light up the sky, though it often looked as much like lighting as fireworks.)

More than ever, this year, our family has appreciated being close, not just because we miss Mom, but because of the world today – I suppose most American families have. I wasn’t surprised when “Grandpa” said he’d go into town with us.

It was wonderful to have him sitting there with us taking in the bursts of exploding colors, echoing booms, and the looks on the kids’ faces as they watched.

Things weren’t perfect; they are not meant to be. We are as strong as the love we offer each other – glad that we live in these States of America where freedom and hope can be nurtured and celebrated.

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