Calculate your forage fertilizer needs


Are you wondering how much to invest in fertilizer this year? We will soon be approaching the period of the forage growing season critical for stockpiling pastures.
Will it pay to purchase fifty units of nitrogen this August?
Questions. In order to make this decision, forage producers should be able to answer a few logical questions in regards to forage growth and economics.
As we approach the summer slump, it may be important to recognize that the majority of forage production from cool-season grasses has already occurred.
Normally we do get a needed burst of forage growth in the fall. How much extra growth can we cause to occur in a cool-season grass this fall with the addition of 50 units of nitrogen?
Many studies have found that under good growing conditions, 50 units of nitrogen can yield an additional 2,000 pounds of dry matter per acre. If this is true, how much did the 2,000 pounds of dry matter cost?
Scenario. Let us consider the following fertilizer scenario.
The conditions are:


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The author is an Ohio State University Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator in Guernsey County.