Can you identify either of these mystery antique metal tools?

Item No. 1198

Hello from Hazard!

Item No. 1197

Nothing yet on Item No. 1197. Reid Easton, of Elkin, North Carolina, inherited the item many years ago. The dimensions are 10 by 1 by 3/8 inches. One is steel, and one is aluminum.






Item No. 1198

We’ll move on to the next item. If you know think you know what Item No. 1197 is, don’t hesitate to let us know.
Rodney Borland of East Rochester, Ohio, submitted Item No. 1198. The item was attached to an oak front door in Randy’s home when he purchased it in 1965. The door has since been repurposed, but he did save it.
If you know what it is and what it was used for, email us at; or by mail to: Hazard a Guess, c/o Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460.


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  1. The pair of tools seem like valve keys of some sort. The materials being non-conductive gives a clue that maybe it is for natural gas or some other inflammable substance.


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