Can you name this antique tool? Hazard a Guess!


Hello from Hazard!
Loyal readers Randy Winland, of Prospect, Ohio, and Lowell Reed, of Cowansville, Pennsylvania, both knew right away what Item No. 1085 was used for: It’s a shotgun shell reloading tool, also called a press. Winland shares this explanation:
“It is mounted on a table or board using the clamp shown at the top of the picture in much the same way as a meat grinder. A slug is placed in the round receiver (which is probably brass) shown at the right in the picture with the crank handle below it. A shell casing is then placed in the casing after which the wad is inserted followed by gun powder. The primer is then inserted in the end of the casing. The handle on the left of the picture is then closed over the primer, forcing the shell together while the handle at the right is turned helping to seat the slug.”
Thank you, Randy, we love it when we get not only the item’s name or use, but an explanation of how it works!

John Sutherland, of Waynesburg, Ohio, just sent us Item No. 1086, which belonged to his grandfather. He knows how it was used, but wonders if anyone else does. Do you?
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Take advantage of the dog days of summer to explore your garage, shed or basement. If you have something you think would be a good item for Hazard a Guess, send us a photo or attach a digital file to an email.
Be sure to include complete dimensions and description, as well as an explanation of how the item was used. Send photos to the contact information listed above. We need some good fodder to keep this column going, so lend a hand!


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