Christmas Eve with grandma

nativity scene

Each Christmas Eve our grandma’s home was filled with family.
We all knew what the next day was and waited anxiously.

Her house smelled like the juniper dad cut two days before.
The branches were so wide they almost tore off grandma’s door.

Grandma said her father liked a juniper the best.
It wasn’t hard to choose one ‘cuz they all looked like the rest.

Grandma hung the Christmas stockings high up on a wire.
She said, “The mantle is too warm. They might just catch on fire.”

Each name was on a stocking with a homemade chocolate treat.
My mother’s fudge was good but grandma’s fudge you couldn’t beat.

So, we snuggled in, just close enough to feel the fire’s heat.
And dug our toes down in her rug. Life couldn’t be more sweet.

We opened presents, feasted and we all sang Silent Night.
The Christmas Spirit filled our Grandma’s house with pure delight.

Affection for the grandkids proved to be her loving smile.
Each Christmas eve our grandma’s smile was wider than a mile.

Grandma told us Santa Claus would soon be on his way.
Rudolph and the other reindeer pulled the toy-filled sleigh.

Grandma said there’s more to Christmas than your favorite toys.
‘Cuz Christmas was to our grandma the joy of all her joys.

Then Grandma said, “Do you know why we have a Christmas day?
It’s the birthday of our Savior, who was born so far away.”

She talked about the little child and of his humble birth.
Then told us how the angels sang of love and peace on earth.

I loved to hear my grandma tell the story every year.
I know why there’s a Christmas. She made it very clear.

Those Christmas Eves were years ago. I’ve grandkids of my own.
But I’ll cherish all those memories, no matter how old I’ve grown.

Each year we buy our children Christmas gifts, but of what worth?
Maybe we should ask their grandma, “Teach them of His birth.”

From our family, we send wishes for a Christmas of good cheer.
Let’s resolve to make the next twelve months the very best New Year.


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