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Hey there!

We have certainly been busy getting your crop reports loaded and your maps updated, but ’tis the season for such things. At FSA, we are also gearing up for another important event that will directly impact you as farmers in our communities — our county committee elections.

This is usually where we hear the groaning and can nearly see the farmers hiding in the curtains. I am here today to dispel some of the rumors surrounding the mystique that is the county committee. County Committee (COC) is a really important voice for FSA and for you. We have local producers on our committees for a reason. We need your eyes, ears, and experiences.

The COC makes important decisions regarding programs that directly impact the producers in the counties that we service. Without your boots on the ground, the job at FSA becomes much more difficult. The best people in the community, who know what is needed, and where our help might make the most impact is you! FSA Andy wants you!

There are no secret handshakes or pledges that you need to learn to join the county committee. You only need to own property in the Local Administrative Area (LAA) that is holding the election. Most committees have several LAAs, so usually only one of them is up for election per year. If you are worried about having to go through this election process every year, fear not. The term for a county committee member is three years. That might seem like it’s a long time, but most offices have meetings only every other month or every quarter. Honestly, it depends on how much money our budget allows for.

Why would our budgets matter? Because county committee members get paid for the time they are here for meetings. Oh, and did I mention we also pay for mileage from your house to our office, to and from the meetings? Seriously, this is a sweet deal. You get paid for travel, time, and how many times have you been to one of our get-togethers when we haven’t had food? Yeah, me either.

So how can you make this happen for you or someone who you think would be fantastic on the COC? Well, we are currently taking nominations for the seats up for election. The LAAs up for election and the nomination forms are at the FSA office. You can fill one out for you or someone else. The deadline is Aug. 1.

You know who these folks are and we would love to have them join our team at FSA. So tell your spouse, your friends, tell everyone. The folks at FSA are looking for a few good producers.

Until next time, have a great week friends!

FSA Andy

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