Drink Maker Drivel!


I’ve complained before about the way small appliances accumulate in my kitchen. Finding a home for them is tough. The holidays often mark a time for gaining a new “plug-in” or two.
Manufacturers make a special marketing push for holiday gift sales, and we are more susceptible to buying their appliances (that we ordinarily would think are dumb) at Christmas, when we’re pressed to find gifts.
One year, my family chuckled and teased its way through the “year of the toaster oven”. We had three toaster ovens beautifully wrapped under the Christmas tree; everyone had the same inspiration, but we were pleased with them and use them all the time.
This year, my brother, succumbing to the seasonal ploy, gave me a Cocoa-LatteTM hot drink maker. At first, I felt a tinge of disappointment. Seeing a medium-sized box holding an appliance, I cringed. Then I looked at the instruction manual just under the top flap and was intrigued.
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