Family night vacation highlight


The last week of Mark’s vacation for the year flew by. He timed it to correspond with the first week of school this fall. We had hoped to go on a short trip, but when the weather cooperated, there were plenty of “getting ready for winter” chores to keep us at home and several outside obligations I had gotten myself into.

I helped set up for the bazaar that goes along with the church’s fall soup luncheon and baked pies for it that evening. Mark agreed to deliver them to the church the next morning while I took care of the Kloss Kids. I was able to make a pie that could actually stay at home while Mary was at preschool and Daniel watched Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends travel around the Island of Sodor. As usual, Daniel asked me to name each engine and car as they flashed on the TV screen in succession after each story (six stories in each video).

I finally said, “You tell me this time; you must know them by now!”

The next day I had two commitments for the same time. My prayers were answered since Mark was off work. He helped me out again. I owe him “big time.” This probably worked out for the best since I often help at the school and Mark doesn’t get a chance. He helped with a C.O.S.I. exhibit, which was a traveling hands-on learning experience which moves from school to school. (It’s connected with the big exhibit in Columbus.)

Being the only Dad volunteer along with over a dozen moms, I could tell by the way he described everything from the science experiments and talking to the moms, and taking pictures, to eating lunch with kindergartners and our neighbor, Alex, that he thoroughly enjoyed it.


(to be continued next issue)


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