Feeding deer corn is not the best thing to do


Last week’s column on the perils of feeding deer corn in winter generated more mail than anything I’ve written in years. Many readers were mortified that their good intentions may have done more harm than good.

Here are a few excerpts from e-mails from concerned readers.

“I only put out a few cups of corn twice a day. Am I harming the deer with such a small amount of corn?”

“We feed deer year round. In our minds, we have been supporting nature.”

“We have been feeding deer all winter. Should we stop cold turkey, slowly reduce the amount of corn, or keep feeding as we have for the rest of the winter? We just want to do the right thing.”

“I am sick. I had no idea we could be harming deer by feeding them. We mostly give them bread, crackers, and cookies. Now I don’t know what to do. They are gathering outside our windows as I write.”

“Is corn OK for squirrels and birds?”

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The root of this problem is that many people relate to deer as they relate to people. They see deer moving through deep snow in frigid temperatures and imagine how they would feel.

But white-tailed deer are well adapted to surviving severe winter weather. They prepare in the summer and fall by eating more and putting on layers of fat. When winter arrives, they become more sedentary, they eat less, and they use their stored fat.

Those who feed large amounts of corn do the most damage because, as I explained last week, deer’s winter digestive system is not equipped to handle a high carbohydrate diet such as corn. In winter, they eat woody browse — twigs, buds, and stems.

Don’t do it

In a perfect world, no one would feed deer. Period. That’s the advice from Jerry Feaser, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Game Commission. And Dr. Anne Ballmann, veterinarian and wildlife disease specialist for the National Wildlife Health Center agrees.

Furthermore, when we feed deer (anything, not just corn), we cause them to burn extra calories to travel farther than they normally would. And they feed in large groups.

Ballmann warned that when deer feed in large groups competing for a limited food supply, deer come in close contact and easily transmit diseases and parasites. And if feeding stations are near busy roads, more deer are hit and killed by traffic.

Feaser suggests that rather than feed deer, land owners should plant native trees and shrubs that provide food (nuts and fruits) and cover (evergreens). “That’s one of the ways the PGC manages deer habitat on game lands,” he said.

But we live in an imperfect world where people often don’t do what’s best. So here’s my advice, based on my own experience and conversations with a variety of professional wildlife biologists.

• If you’ve been offering large amounts of corn, say more than 10 pounds per week, stop. You are the primary problem. You are killing deer because they cannot digest bellies full of corn. They may not die in your backyard, but they’ll die elsewhere, out of sight, where their suffering will be no less.

Or maybe as acidosis overwhelms their digestive system, they’ll slow down just enough to get hit by cars or caught by coyotes.

• If you have truly just been putting out a handful of corn each day and you’ve been doing it all winter, or you’re mixing corn with bird seed, the deer’s digestive system has probably adapted to that diet. Adopt a “no corn” policy next winter.

• If you’re offering day old bread and pastries, stop. Though a variety of birds and mammals will eat these handouts, they just provide gut-stuffing empty calories.

• Squirrels and birds are not ruminants, so corn does not effect their digestion the way it does deer. No one I’ve talked to suggested that corn is bad for squirrels or birds.

• Finally, use common sense. No one really knows how much corn is needed to induce acidosis in deer, but it occurs when they eat large amounts of corn and little or no woody browse. If you’re putting out more than 10 pounds of corn each week, it’s probably too much.

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Scott Shalaway, who holds a Ph.D. in wildlife ecology from Michigan State University, writes from his home in rural West Virginia. A former faculty member at Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma Biological Station, he has been writing a weekly nature column for newspapers and freelancing for magazines since 1986. He can be heard on Birds & Nature from 3-4 p.m. Sunday afternoons on 620 KHB Radio, Pittsburgh, or live online anywhere at www.khbradio.com, or on the Tune-In radio app. Visit his website at www.drshalaway.com or contact him directly at sshalaway@aol.com or 2222 Fish Ridge Road, Cameron, WV 26033.


    • What an idiot this person is. People who want to harm wildlife deserve nothing less than a painful and lonely death.

      • deer have been eating corn for years in corn fields and we dont say nothing about that. in some states its aganist the law to feed deer to hunt but whats the difference with putting in food plot? still feeding deer see what i,am saying.who ever tells you this crap they are lieing only way to hurt a deer by feeding him corn is to lock him in pen and feed nothing but corn they maybe be you will cause harm.so stop lieing. and yes i know what i,am talking about iam a wildlife biologiest here in texas where we feed tons of corn. so sorry your being lied to.

  1. corn causes bladder stones in deer same as it dose in goats. It stops the animal from being able to urinate and the bladder can burst and they die. If you feed coen feed a little amoniumn chloride on top of it to help break down the stones. You can get it at just about any feed store or at valleyvet.com.it dosen’t hurt to frrd your young bull calves and steers alittle once in a while either. I know this cause I almost lost a billy goat from stones before, a vet in oklahoma told me about what causes stones and how to reduce the risk. Alfalfa should not be feed to billy goats of weathers it may also cause stones same with deer. This is very painfull for the animal and if not caught early they will probally die.

  2. Why people want to feed deer anyway is beyond me you all got enough up here in Ohio. WE moved here from OK in Aug, and the deer are taken over. They are tearing up fences pasing diseases to my goats eating my hay, thier keeping the body shops in buisness though, they keep my hourse buisy she likes to chase them out of the pasture, I see them in town in peoples yards it blows my mind. Back home they put up deer fences along the buisy roads in town and some highways. I used to love them they are pretty but now deer season needs to be all winter, fan them out before they get more out of hand.


  3. Why do they sell deer corn at my local Tractor Supply store if it’s not good for them? I’ve been using the corn for the past month to feed them to get pictures of the bucks, not shooting them. But in Virginia I just learned it’s illegal to feed them at all from sep 1 – jan 1.

    • Hi! : )
      We also buy (bought) our Corn at a Tractor Supply. Maybe they don’t know anything about the Deer either and just sell it for the profit it brings especially in the Winter months. You think?
      I have been told that I have gotten farrr too involved in the ones that have “adopted” me. I love the little ones and they really love me. They almost eat out of my hand BUT …
      I am beginning to think I should have NEVER started this thing. After all, we have lived in here almost 20 years and have never paid attention except to watch them pass through.! ((( yikes! )))

  4. i dont know see the thig is this for the past 12 years we have been feeding deer with corn and i know there is a hand few of does and bucks that has been here going on maybe 6 to 7 years and you sit here and tell me that corn is bad for deer thats hog wash the only way i know they are the same deer is all because of one of a kind marking some where now i do have a buck that i have been watching be hind my house for about well about the first day i went into the wood behind my house about 12 years ago and i have fead them nothing but corn and alittle of vanila abstract on top

  5. Amazing. We feed the deer to kill them. Just how stupid can you be?” Why does tractor supply sell deer corn” give me a break

    • I am also responding to an earlier post. That we feed the deer to kill them. Of COURSE WE DO!!!! So are you going to tell me not to feed the cattle, hogs, pigs and all other animals that we HARVEST TO EAT!!!!!Think about it. Plus it keeps the deer in the area so that you see more when hunting season comes. As long as you clean it up 30 days prior to hunting the property it is legal here in PA. I also feed them antler king and other supplements with the corn. That way you get bigger racks and larger bodied deer. Same as the cattle, pigs etc. I eat every ounce of meat from the deer I harvest. The difference is I harvested the animal myself and not purchase at a grocery store as mentioned earlier. Venision is better for you and has less fat also I like the taste of it better than the beef in the grocery store. God only knows what they have been fed/injected to grow larger faster. I know what I am eating whith the deer. I know exactly what it has eaten!!!!!!

      • Hello All!
        Well it looks like rabbit season is upon us, (JUST KIDDING). I wanted to wish all of you all a Happy Easter! So hear ya go….Happy Easter and God Bless! Hope everyone is healthy and prosperous!

    • i feed the deer because i like to!!!!!!! We used to live on LI,NY and we didn’t have deer around to feed! I DON’T feed them to eat them…i feed them ’cause i LIKE to!!!!!

      • Hey- Karen. I am from Islip Terrace Long Island, I saw you were a LI native. I think I have gotten myself into a little mess too, thats why I am on this site. I started feeding the deer in my yard, ts getting cold and I feel bad. My son and I wake up to the deer staring at my windows. I haven’t fed them corn, THANK GOD! But I have fed them bread and bananas, carrots, apples, grapes .. LOL. Pretty much anything healthy I can find when they are around. This hasn’t been going on long and I am wondering if I should stop. I see some people wish they never started,. A family comes to eat, 2 fawns, a mother and father .. what should I do? My son and I truly love doing this … :(

      • BTW- My yard goes into Connetiquot state park, its the wildlife preserve. They don’t have to leave the woods to be in my yard so traffic and accidents aren’t a problem.

    • Hello Barb, I live in the Texas hill country and have over fifty deer coming in to eat every day. My father was visiting fro CA and watched as I fed my pet deer (abandoned at birth) apples. His parents had a farm with lots of horses that ate from the apple orchards. She told him if the horses ate too many apples it would upset their stomachs. So, as a little boy it was his job to keep an eye on them while they were let out to graze. I’m not sure if this holds the same for deer but it does make sense, even for us humans. Since she was a premie I limited her intake of apples. She loved shredded wheat and grapes but just a bit until she got strong enough to be let out in the wild with the other deer.
      So take heed with amount of their apple consumption.

      • Hey Jane …
        good to meet you:)
        Oh yes, that DOES make since about the apples.
        Right now I’m not feeding them at all. Real busy(have a small business) and from seeing how they made it just fine on their own (we recently got 10″ of SNOW) then I am just going to pick up a few bags from time to time maybe and just put out a few. (later)
        Thing is, I have a huge black Bear hanging out too and don’t know if he likes apples or not but even though I like Bear, I don’t want him coming IN for a visit!((yikes!))
        He was on the back deck a couple of weeks ago and can never tell about them.
        A friend here on the Board (Lisa) is also enjoying her Deer and loves feeding them apples. She will appreciate the tip.
        Thanks Jane!
        God Bless!

      • I started feeding deer about 3 weeks ago because i felt bad for them but I did not know I could hurt them and now they come all the time is it ok just to stop? I have been feeding them deer feed that I get From a farm feed store . please let me know im concered thank you.

        Megan Carlson

    • I feed deer apples too. I give the deer pretty much anything healthy I would give my kids. I started feeding a week ago and they come back every morning, it has become a routine for my 3 year old son and I. Should I stop? I just feel so bad, food is limited for them and seeing the fawns break my heart.

  6. We were feeding CORN for about three weeks but stopped a few days ago.
    (good thing, huh?)
    We have lots of Apple ochards here in this County and they have”DEER APPLES” which they are called because they have worm holes and such and rather than toss they sell them by the boxes for like $3.00
    I have been washing them and cutting the worm holes out. I have about 10-12 deer that are “Regulars” here. They even have their young with them. They LOVE the Apples.
    Awaiting your answer.

    Thanks! :)

    • Barb, You seem like a nice person so I’m going to give you some Motherly advice. Stop cutting the worm holes out of the apples
      for the deer…They don’t care. Cut them out for your children
      of course. Have a nice day . . .PS maybe a nice manicure for
      yourself with the time you’ve saved cutting worm holes out of
      apples for the deer.

  7. I dont care for the deer, but dont like to see an animal suffer. I know corn is feed to deer that is probally gana get shot anyway but what about the ones that dont get shot. they dont need to suffer. corn is bad for them. just put out some hay they will eat that.buy a bag of goat feed to give them.they love that stuff.

    • Don’t buy anything! that’s the problem. They aren’t people or pets. They are wild animals and know how to forage.

  8. Hi …
    I live in a gated community and there are supposed to be NO guns fired in here. The Deer are plentiful for sure. There are over 7,000 acres in here but can you believe it …
    I only have a few deer that come up in my back which is surrounded by woods.
    I appreciate your reply , Is there a person here that knows all about (Whitetail)Deer and if the APPLES will harm them??
    I have come to know over the past weeks, They are veeery territorial!
    They KICK one another bad! They have their own little family and stay with it.
    I LOVE wildlife and love traveling to Yellowstone Park.
    We also have mean Coyotes in here and that is sooo sad that they love feasting on the Deer. I ame as you, HATE to see the suffering- at the hands of man and other animals.

    Thanks : )

  9. Okay, just went to the Top and have the question for “Scott”
    Hi, could you please read my post on “APPLES” or – is refraining all together better?

    Just want to do what is BEST for the DEER …
    Thanks! : )

    • Just curious if apples harm the deer. We have been supplying corn and apples. Any input you have received would be greatly appreciated.
      Don’t want to harm these beautiful animals!!!


      • Hey Lisa, and all others …
        Hope you all had a Blessed Christmas and are now looking forward to a NEW Year. -In sooo many ways.: )

        Living in North Ga., it’s nice because we usually have really good weather. Could hardly believe it but, for the FIRST time since in the 1800’s- (((we had a veeery White Christmas)))

        In having lots of Snow right now (6-7″ ) we’ve not seen the Deer that were hanging around-in days!
        I have the Apples ready but for the last two times I saw them, I had no apples to give them so, now, they must have moved on.
        All I can hope for is, when they happen to come back after all this snow is gone-they will have those beautiful, precious little baby Deer with them. They are the main ones I am concerned about. They seem to be the last ones to get to the food and then, it’s just about gone. They seemed to love me and trust me enough to walk almost all the way up to me. (surely hope this has not proven bad for them)
        Ooooh the Beauty when looking into their big black eyes. I have grown to love these Creatures God has given to man.
        Hope to see them back soon and when Spring comes, it will be a goodly feeling to know that after stopping the Corn, I was able to at least give them a few dinners of Apples. I LOVED watching them eat and I do know, they ARE survivors with, or without the help of man- but at the hand of God.

        Thanks, y’all! : )

    • hey Barb while its ok to feed deer corn they still eat other stuff to not just the corn deer chew the cud just like a cow they will eat poison ivy if its there nuts acorns they love if there is a good acorn cropp deer will turn their nose up at corn there is a problem with corn though its kinda like candy and will over time mess up their teeth you can feed the apples they love love that but deer will stop when they are satisfied its because they have 3 stomachs a horse will eat till it dies given to much feed but remember apples are a natural laxitive we feed deer corn and protein would be nice to have more water as we are in a drought here some of the deer are looking better from being feed. drought conditions hurt quit a bit . I hope this helps God Bless

  10. Deer corn, apples, supplements and all other attractants are out there specifically to attract deer for the purpose of hunting them.

    It concerns me that we as a society have become so urbanized, so “liberal” that we foster a disdain for hunting and guns and natural order to all things in life.

    Deer are over populating because man has destroyed their natural habitat. We then plant crops for ourselves which in turn set up an ecosystem that is counter balance to the natural order thus we now have deer in our yards and on our highways. They have to be culled out for the sake of their species.

    You people that ask if feeding corn to deer is bad…..Stop planting crops if you are SO DAMN CONCERNED. Wake up!!!

  11. Great information! Why doesn’t the game commision get the information printed in newspapers and/or send a post card or something to everybody who buys a hunting license and educate people. Maybe it’s because in Pennsylvania they want the deer all killed off.

  12. FYI …
    I live in a gated community and NO HUNTING is allowed.
    Again, NO ONE in here put food out to attract Deer for killing them!
    I believe the folks on the board are merely asking questions about feeding deer for the purpose of helping them make it through WINTER.
    I live in Ga and circumstances are different than living out WEST
    IE: (Montana, Wyoming, etc.)
    The Deer here are not used to the harshness of Winters as Out West.
    We have 7″ of Snow and THAT is not the NORM for here.
    I believe the normal questions and answers here are a goodly thing and should be without “some” being sarcastic in their replying.
    -that needs to be somewhere else. (IMHO)

  13. Sarcasm is reserved for those that clearly don’t know what they are talking about. Deer, regardless of how you “feel” because of weather, can easily take care of themselves. They are designed for it.

    The people in gated communities have no right under the constitution to deny anyone from hunting and providing for themselves or family. It’s just plain stupid how people today have lost all resemblance of who and what made this country great.

    For someone being from GA, you don’t sound like a Southerner nor someone that can be depended on when it comes to surviving outside of an artificial existence. You are a dangerous neighbor that needs to be culled out for the sake of society.

    • Thanks for the coment about how people in this country have lost sight of what founded this country and made it GREAT!!! Sorry to be off thread. I dont really care if people feed deer to watch or lure them to each his own. But I must say it would be ashamed to be feeding them and wasting them at the same time. Thanks!!

    • Oh my George. You really are not a very nice person. Can you tell me where in the constitution that it says you have the right to hunt on someone else’s property? You come onto my property to hunt and the firing will be returned as I will be in fear of my life. Just as you have a right to hunt on your property I have a right to say no hunting. Just as you have a right to feed the deer so you can kill them, I have the right to feed them so that I can watch them.

  14. Well my goodness! :D)))
    If you heard me talk IN PERSON you would think I was in the CAST of “Gone With The Wind!” –
    As for sarcaism …
    you are VERY sarcastic toward these folks on this board! And-this in NOT IMHO! You should be ashamed and should not be allowed in here!

    As far as living in a gated community, well, evidently, you have never lived in a RESORT! – Come and visit me and TRY shooting one of the wild deer or anything ELSE wild in here that WONDER inside these Bounderies THEN of nice person, just STAND here where you fired the shot and SEE how fast you will bring the COUNTY right to your feet! LOL! This I would welcome! See, we have the COUNTY that rides through here every hour on the hour and each car has different hours!
    Come for a visit! You will not only get locked up for killing a wild animal in a protected area you would get locked up for firing a weapon in a private gated communtiy! LOL!

    You are very unrespectable to ladies plus, you seem like a veeery angry person that needs some PEACE in your life-Think about it!

    God Bless!

    Now, I (we) have NO PROBLEM in going out on property that is NOT PRIVATE and shoot me a DEER a YES, I AM a Woman. However, to KILL one of these animals, I would have to have to be HUNGRY and NEEDED food!

  15. So sorry for the mis-spelled words plus, the ending was supposed to be added to the conversation. I hit SEND instead of trying to read my entry before sending.

    Again, you seem very angry (at WHOM?)
    Also, since I have lived in here for ALMOST 20 YEARS, I seem to get along FINE with all my neighbors.(their gain for having me)
    Seem, these animals get shot and killed A PLENTY “outside” this Resort
    but again, in here, they are protected creatures. :)
    You seem to have such a problem with folks in here that do not agree with you – SHAME!
    That is what “Opinions” are all about. Let’s respect one another, okay? By the way, about your anger …
    I am not against you, I just have a different opion. : )

  16. Urbanization is one of the major problems that all wildlife face. If it weren’t for the dues, license fees and private organizations such and Ducks Unlimited, WTF, Safari Club etc., there wouldn’t be any game management. Do you know why? Because the urbanite doesn’t pay one cent toward it. They worry about their resort living and whether or not to feed deer during the winter and just assume that the government will provide. Who needs to hunt or fish anyway. Food comes from the grocery store.

    Barb, I am angry. I see people everyday that are going to be a menace to my family when there is a meltdown. I see the beautiful countryside destroyed by urban sprawl. I see natural law and order being completely abandoned and our children are being taught lies in the schools.

    This whole thread about feeding deer corn seems innocent but it’s not. It’s a prime example of how our country has lost it’s way.

    I don’t want to be a hypocrite. Our family owns a mountain home and a couple houses off the coast of SC and no you can’t hunt on Fripp Island. Where does that leave me? It leaves me starting to see the error of our ways and I fear it is too little and too late.

    So, feed the deer what you want. The amount of corn you might feed them is minimal and besides the coons will eat most of it. I’d be more worried about the deer eating your garbage.

    • Hi George, well, you ARE a nice guy after all! :)
      Well see, this is the way it is for me (us)-
      Until we bought our other home in this Resort 23 years ago,
      we lived in the suburbs of Atlanta Ga. (wow! talk about man destroying everything and body that comes in sight)
      We (my husband and I) worked right down town (Atlanta)
      and when we had the chance to relocate to the Mountains we were all for it so, we had jobs here waiting for us with having the small business we had. So, when we bought our first home in this resort, I had only seen wildlife IN THE MOVIES AND OUT WEST!lol!
      So, when they would wonder around out in our woods (almost 3 acres, all we did was watch them. NEVER concerning ourselves with them. Then, a year ago we sold our Home and moved into a Home that we are Renting(a Log Home, in the same Resort) until we buy again. Evidently the folks that lived here before us had fed the Deer so they were coming-UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL, I was amazed! We travel Out West on vacations, (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado,- I am a HORSE person)
      and to have these beautiful little Deer almost come up to me for food, I just didn’t know what to do.
      So, after this long story, that is where it all started, I went to the Tractor place, bought corn and after feeding them for a couple of weeks and then reading HERE about the harm it would do I STOPPED!
      Then, a lady close by said that SOME folks in here are feeding them Apples, There are over 7,000 acres in here and with all this land in here, there were only 5 Deer hanging out HERE. So, I fed them Appleas off and on for awhile and now for the past two weeks-NOTHING! They have left this area and we just had Snow with 7″ and we didn’t even see them.
      Now, with saying all this, I do not plan to feed them any longer because from a distance, I have seen these 5 Deer and they made it FINE through all that snow. So my friend, you and Scott are right and I stand “guilty” of trying to altar the plan that God Almighty has set before us. God has created animal for humans (not the other way around) If man kills to EAT then that in Gods eyes is juuuust fine!:)
      I can live with this. Having a long line of HUNTERS in my family, I just thought it Awesome to do something I have never done before.
      Ooooh George, I will NEVER forget those BIG BLACK eyes when coming face to face with those baby Deer. AWWWE-SOME!
      Beauty to behold! Yep!

      Blessing, friend …

  17. Yes, I can be nice….sometimes.

    If you want to really see deer up close hit Fripp Island for a visit off Beaufort SC. It’s a wildlife refuge and they literally will eat out of your hand. We have a house there and I had 8 bucks in velvet eating from my daughters hand last summer. They will come up the porch stairs and eat the flowers and they sleep on the inlet side of the house. I guess that’s also why there are 12 foot gators all over the place. Last April a guy was reaching to get a ball on the course and a gator took his arm off above the elbow. They got it back though!!! Happy New Year.

  18. Ok, so feeding deer corn will kill them? Or the deer getting together to eat the corn will cause disease? Where do you get your facts? Were the deer tested, blood taken, DNA taken before the feed. Then again after they fed all winter to see if in fact they got a disease. I think NOT! Even then you would not know for sure if they contracted the disease(s) from congregating at a feed pile. I find it hard to believe as I have fed deer corn for 25 years that it kills them! I walk all of the woods in Pa where I feed and have NEVER found a deer dead from starvation. The deer herd on our property is large. I harvest a buck every year and so does my brother(since 1993). We have trail cams that we put up and observe these deer at the feed piles. What facts do you have other than a PGC officer/biologist informing you this? Cause I want to tell you I work for the State and they(PGC) are not all that educated!!!!! I would not want to follow their directions without first getting some further facts/background on the subject. If feeding deer corn kills them then we would be finding them all over the property over 500 acres that we own, plus another 125 acres we have access to. We observe the same deer on the cams, we even name them and they ALL make it through the winter. So could you please explain to me how this is happening on our property. And don’t tell me that our deer are different……How do the deer that feed from the large corn fields make it through the winters??? We had a farmer leave corn up all year for us, now I know most of it is picked clean be late October, but again no DEAD deer. We put 100’s of pounds of corn out a week(very expensive) but they don’t die from it. I can back this up with research Ie. walking the land, riding on my Ranger Crew, and the trail cams, 10 total. Lets not forget after they eat the corn they still will eat the browse(woody) that is in the natural forest so the corn is a supplement to this…………..Please tell me what facts you have other than a word of the PGC.

    • I’ve been reading this for a while and finally found a thread I could comment on! I live in Wisconsin and the only reason I was on here today was I’m searching for cheaper corn prices than $8.99 for 50lb bag! See, we feed the deer and have been doing it for 10 years! I want someone to come and tell me why these does and bucks and all their generations have been coming back everynight for years and giving me a $70.00 feed bill a week in the winter? Deer are not stupid!!!!! They do not sit here and empty out the corn bins! They know how to vary their diet! They eat some corn, then some seed, maybe an apple, they do know how to mix it up no matter what time of year it is! I do not hunt anymore because of my back butttt, I do enjoy watching them and I have to say that it has been very entertaining reading these threads! thanks!

  19. Browning,

    Don’t get too uptight over this thread. These folks are urbanites for good or bad and they aren’t thinking natural order/law. Someone has feed them a line about how to or how not to feed wild animals. They love it cause they look outside and think the deer are cute. You and I see venison, hunting, tradition etc.. We know what the deal is. These folks don’t and most likely never will. Whether they feed the deer or don’t want mean a thing. Keep up the good hunt.

  20. Hey y’all!
    Well, sometimes I think DEER MEAT is a GUY THING anyway. (excluding Sara Palin :)
    The only kind I care for is SALMON & TURKEY. Yu-meeeee!

    • Hi barb,

      The thing about eating venison is, it has to be prepared properly and that starts with the processing. Here in NC, and I think everywhere for that matter, there is no regulatory guidelines for deer processors. They’re just good ole boys with some butcher shop gear. To be fair, some are outstanding and cleaner than a grocery store. (You don’t want to really know what goes on in a grocery store.) But, some are not and that translates into the finished product.

  21. Barb you are mainly right I think. Most woman don’t seem to care for it (venision). But glad to hear your realistic and eat meat!!!! LOL

    • I really appreciate all the feedback from all of you, it has been very helpful and fun! Oh, George I love steak on occasion, I’ve had the opportunity to try pheasant, it was horrible due to the fact that they failed to remove the pellets and yes this was a 5 star restaurant! I’m thankful I didn’t lose any teeth on that bird. LOL

      My husband moved us to the country and I grew up in the city. (major shock) Needless to say a hugh change for me. We are surrounded by 40 acres and just watching the wildlife amazes me!

      • I wish I was sitting on 40 acres in my backyard. I’d shoot from the porch in my bathrobe!!

        Sorry ’bout the shot in your bird. It goes with the territory though.

        Have you had venison? Properly prepared it is wonderful and much healthier. The bottom line is deer haven’t been domesticated like cattle so people as a rule don’t look at them as a food source. They are however easily domesticated and are what I refer to as “woodland cattle”. When I go to Fripp Island SC during the summer the deer there will eat gummy bears from my daughter’s hand! Is that healthy for the deer? Hmmmmm…

        You watch ’em, we’ll eat ’em and it’s all good.

      • Lisa, Pheasant is delicious but if you are going to eat wild game, you must expect a bit of shot from time to time. It would be worse for the chef to tear up the meat trying to find it. Most of it is obvious and can be picked out easily. I hope you try it again, it’s worth it and next time, chew with caution lol. Rabbit is also delicious and venison when cared for properly and using a good recipe, can be better than some cuts of beef. Where I come from women enjoy venison just as much as the men. I also love deer, bunnies, cows etc. but ya gotta eat too…. Pa & NJ area.

    • Hi Browning …
      Ooooh yes! I am teased all the time for my Southern talk. Every once in awhile I “try” to talk reeeally proper but make a mess of it! LOL!
      Gotta tell you this …
      when my husband and I are on vacation “Out West” and we stop at a drive-thru to grab something fast to eat on the road, he always tells ME to do the ordering because he gets a kick out of the folks at the window. They always say to me when I order-“Oh I LOVE the way you talk!”
      LOL!-It’s funny!
      One more thing, we were in that National Park in California
      (oooh I can’t think of the name of it right off but it has the HUGE trees) and can you believe it!I had come from the Ladies Room and when I got in the Van a woman come running up to us(she sacred us to death! LOL!- and said to me “Oh I just LOVE to hear you talk, PLEASE say something else!” What was sooo funny, all I said to her was “Oh excuse me please”(because I almost hit her with the door as I was leaving.
      Anyway, what’s REALLY funny is, when I TRY to change my way of talking- when talking to someone from somewhere else Ha! Now, THAT IS FUNNY! LOL!
      (we live in Georgia :o)

  22. I have been sitting quietly reading the post string going on, and I can’t help but comment to those against hunting for deer. My question is, do you live in a house? If so you likely have a yard that you mow and keep nice. The thing is, if we are going to continue to invade and destroy where the deer live and eat, then we are responsible for ensuring their population is controlled by whatever means needed. Hunting is definately more humane then starvation. Even national parks know this. Some smaller parks have annual drawings for hunts and close the parks to all others to help control the deer population. We humans keep cutting down forests to make room for our wants, but don’t think about the needs of the animals. Why are there more deer getting hit by cars, why do deer end up in peoples yards? Because that used to be their forest. Now stop feeding deer corn, and go plant a food plot with broad leafs and legumes. It’s safe, healthy, and deer love them. Alright, I’m off my soapbox.

    • Hi George! : )
      Have you ever heard someone say …
      “It taste WILD” (the Deer)’LOL! Is this true and how would something WILD taste?
      I have a cousin that lives in South Ga. (I live in North)
      and he is sooo into hunting, really since we were young kids.
      His dad taught him young and I always thought it was Cool! I can remember he would head for the Woods after school either with a Bow OR a Gun when we were in Elementary.
      I would “try” the Meat probably. He says it has NO FAT and that part sounds good to me!
      (if I can get Bambi out of my mind! lol!)

      • Gamie, wild….these are terms you hear used to describe wild game. (Excuse the pun..wild game.)

        Deer has a taste that is different from beef and I think that is the real issue. We are so used to eating beef as a nation that when you offer up something like venison people don’t like it. lamb is a good example. Do you like lamb? Lots of people think it’s greasy and don’t like it. I love it.

        Now, with all that said, you gotta prepare it right. Venison is 90%lean, no fat in the meat at all. It will turn to shoe leather if it’s over cooked. But you also gotta hang it and age it just like you do beef. If you were to kill a cow and eat it the next day it’s gonna be vastly different than that US Prime from the store.

        Lastly, the game flavor ultimately is in the blood. The more blood in the meat, the more wild it’ll taste. You gotta get it out. It all comes back to preparation.

        Last lastly, you may just not like it. I don’t like that black seaweed crap they wrap sushi with or sea urchin. And don’t give me it tastes like the sea crap either. LOL

    • I have also found that when deer turn to the acorns, the meat gets a very distinct gamie taste as people call it. If you have ever eaten squirrel, you have tasted that same flavor. Yeah, I know I’ll eat anything if it doesn’t eat me first. Sorry if I got a little short earlier, I have just grown accustomed to people who are totally anti-hunting, and now they hit deer almost daily with cars. During the rut (mating season) for none hunters, which is in November most places it is much worse. I have also found that aging the meat by letting it hang for at least a week will help minimize the flavor as well. I am just glad my wife and daughters love the flavor. I do process my own meat, which I think makes a huge difference. I have to get three deer per year to keep my family in venison till the next hunting season.

  23. Okay, I will admit…I have tried venison. It was horrible because of the preparation (it was soaked in vingar:( Yuk!!!
    I have to agree with Barb this is a “male sport”! Barb, don’t worry about the “Southern draw” You definitely have a great personality and seem to be very compassionate! George, I must say Bob does have a great point. I have come to the realization that this is a man’s sport! I think you’re great George and hope I didn’t hit a nerve!
    God Bless

    • Hi Barb, Lisa and George. Just letting you all know that I do Like watching the deer too. Its hard to explain but I respect the animal I think they are so graceful, mysterious and as Barb said “beautiful” BUT my favorite day of the year by far is the first day of deer season(hunting). The feeling after harvesting a buck is absolutley incredible. So all that being said I have a hunting camp a very nice one in southern Clearfield County in Pa.about 1 hour from my residence in Lock Haven, Pa. I have a porch that goes around the entire camp. I build a fire and sit outside on the proch and watch the deer come out in the fields that are around the camp. I call the camp “Deerfield farm” we have an apple orchard and the deer love coming down in the fall to eat the apples(which are safe, LOL)I guess what I am trying to say is I respect the whitetail deer and think they are the “neatest” animal on this earth and that to me is what hunting is all about.

      • Amen brother. You know, I had a close to God experience 2 years ago while hunting. I had shot a big doe broadside early in the morning and it knocked her off her feet completely. I assumed she was down for the count and just that fast she got up and took off. I sat there with my mouth hanging open, dumb founded. Impossible!!! I looked for 2 hours and couldn’t find her. There was a broad stream to my left and a mountainous hill to the right. She couldn’t have gotten away.

        I was so mad and so pissed and should’ve had a heart attack over it. I stormed home, canceled work, went and bought more CORN and gathered up a deer stand and headed back to the same spot determined to shoot something that day even if I had to stay all night long.

        I’m not weak but lugging 70lb bags of corn across 2 streams and up a mountain side ain’t easy but there I was mad dog crazy. As I huffed and puffed up a little rise I literally walked in a straight line right to her. She wasn’t 40 yards from where I shot her. I couldn’t have walked more toward her than if I knew exactly where she lay.

        I knelt down with tears in my eyes and thanked God for looking down on me and having mercy on me, for say that if I was so determined that he would help me, me personally. I was so ashamed for being mad and raising Hell and so happy at the same time.

        I don’t know if the good lord helped me or not but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  24. You know I started off really wanting to do some target shooting on this sight but I have really enjoyed this thread.

    You know, when we have dialog in a contemplative way rather than a reactive way we find that there is much more common ground and reason. You cannot make sense when you are reactionary no matter what side you’re on. There has to be balance and unfortunately our country has become so polarized that I fear we have lost our direction.

    OK, I’ll stop. I’m starting to twist….I hope I’m getting through though.

  25. Well, sounds like this place has become a “Friendship Garden”
    The End is certainly different dialog from the Beginning. :o)
    George my friend …
    you are sooo right! Responding is always better- than Reacting!
    No doubt, living in this once great Country is a hard day to make sometimes. Makes one just want to go HIGH on a Mountain,(as Jesus Himself did) and get alone with God and think things over as to where this is all heading. Oh I know But, I too would be starting to twist!
    I don’t believe in BAD days, just HARD ones, sometimes.:o)
    God Bless!

    • I have not been to the Utah mountains, but I have been to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains maybe the most awesome place on earth???? You ever beeen?

  26. Ooooh yes! The Mountains in Utah are soooo gorgeous!
    I have a cousin that lives in Denver.
    We stayed in an AWESOME cabin in Breckenridge 5 years ago-for a week and got snowed in-really snowed in!
    We love ALL of the “Cowboy” States. We LOVE Horses!
    We LOVE Yellowstone too. Lots of Wildlife!
    Montana is really beautiful too- but COOOLD! Brrrrr!
    We always go out in September for 2-3weeks. (when we go)
    browning! I am a Cowgirl and Mountain gal @ Heart! :o)
    We DRIVE out there in our Van-we see sooo much that way.
    So far, we have been out there 7 times.
    Also, Alberta Canada-(((Wildlife)))
    Ooooh God’s Beauty!

  27. Bob, you sound exactly like my cousin. He lives in South Ga. and he eats Deer meat like my husband eats Beef! lol!
    Bet you are also good with the BOW too, huh!
    Now Bob, he kills the Deer that walk right up to his door and no, I could not do that but then, I am not a Hunter either. I DO undertand it because Hunters LOVE the meat no matter where they find to shoot it.

    • Hey Everyone!!!
      Yes, I am still feeding the deer. (only apple’s) I realized how important this truly is, since a deer jumped in front of my car in November. I agree with you guys, let them forage for themselves. I think they honestly know where “they are safe.” God Bless and Happy Holidays!!!

  28. Well I will have to make a trip out to Utah then!!! I already have plans for Yellowstone. Did Mt Rushmore a few years ago it was really nice there. Ever been?

  29. never been to Mt. Rushmore but want to. I have been to Jackson Hole multiple time and Yellowstone. Fantastic. Been there at every season. You’ll love it. Wish I could afford to live there.

  30. Hey Guys and Gal! :o)
    (how’s THIS for a Southern? opening! lol!)
    Yes browning you will just have to take that trip to Utah. Lots of History on Dinosaurs too! Didn’t care much for them until we visited those places. My husband loves things such as this AND I also found this to be veery interesting!
    Yes, have been to Mt. Rushmore and stayed long enough to meet lots of folks from-EVERYWHERE! (I love that part of vacations)
    George: LOVE Yellowstone! Jackson Hole AND COTY! Just like you,
    (((I Could Live there! ))) We have been to Yellowstone many times and no matter where we travel “Out West” we seem to always end up THERE!
    Great photos of wildlife and the LAST time 3 years ago we FINALLY saw TWO AWESOME MOOSE! male and female. She was “with child” and he was being sooo attentive to her. After traveling through the water a good ways, they CROSSED right in front of our van- I almost FAINTED! They are such awesome creatures! (((Huge! ))) Also, after all the time of seeing the Elk, we finally heard one BIG Stag give out a BUGLE call! OMG!- I LOVE YS!
    Hey y’all! We are NOW talking MY KIND OF LANGUAGE!lol!

  31. Barb…..I have only been out West once with my Mom and sister. Toured Hoover Dam (before the 9/ll disaster/we were able to tour pretty much of the whole plant) and went to Lake Tahoe. It was a 3 day trip as we stayed in Vegas. I can’t wait to go out West and SEE those beautiful mountains. My sister previously worked for a major airline so I had the luxury of flying…I do not like flying!!! Quite the control freak. We love to go to the beach at this point since we live in Ky…KY Horse Park is wonderful. Have you ever visited? With your interest in horses you would love it! Hey George and Browning, ever had Groundhog stew?

  32. Hey Lisa! : )
    I am really on this thing tonight! LOL!
    I am also thinking about going BACK on “FB” I left it for awhile because I was sooo busy.
    We have an in-home business (printing) and it keeps me hopping!
    (business cards, calendars, etc,.)
    Can you believe me! Hey, a couple was getting married on a beautiful ROCK and I got soo excited from the whole concept! I even got THEM on camera!
    That water is sooooo BLUE it looks like a swimming POOL, huh!
    I(still) love Bonanza even though it is old.:o)

    I also HATE Flying! I have only done it ONCE and THAT was enough for me! I was only on the plane for 45 minutes and that was farrr tooo long for me! The highest I care to go is on a ladder(when I am painting) and ON A HORSE! lol!

    Oh, you have one on me! I HAVE been to Nevado but NOT to the Dam.
    I DO have a friend at church that did go though-and enjoyed it!
    She also went to Vegas (oh but she didn’t GAMBLE, surely not!)
    My husband is sooo funny! I almost have to threaten him with,uh, MURDER to get him to STOP for me at all! He has a SET-TIME and a SET PLACE to make it to while on vacation and I want to stop EVERYWHERE!
    Oh, in Montana, through the NORTH gate of YS …
    We stayed at the coolest place, called “HYBERNATION STATION” so if you ever make it out that far-go there! I LOVED shopping at all the cool western stores. (like I could come home and wear all that great stuff!lol!)

    • OMG! Barb, my husband is the same way on vacation. I’m beginning to think it a “male thing” LOL! My sister has been trying to talk us (the whole family) into a trip to Yellowstone renting a hugh RV. I know someday we will be on board to accomplish that! I was amazed at Lake Tahoe, absolutely gorgeous!!!! I love watch HGTV….they have a home sweepstakes for the “Vermont House” I’ve been entering everyday. Hey, give it a try take the virtual tour.

  33. Hi Lisa …
    looks like you and I have this board all to ourselves.
    Maybe we could see about starting a new thread because you and I have gotten so excited about “Vacations” (especially ME because I LOVE Wildlife-it was my fault.) I would think that on THIS Board, the MAIN topic is far from what I have changed it all to be.
    “Not Feeding The Deer Corn.” is what is all should have been about.
    I would love to have all my entries removed and when I have something to say on THIS topic then write about IT. : ) So sorry y’all.
    By the way …
    The same Deer that I started out feeind CORN to-are BACK!
    From time to time they wonder out of the Resort and either get ran over or shot.

  34. Lisa, right now this seems to be the only way to ask you this but …
    living in KY – do you happen to know a wonderful couple by the name of “Richard and Susan Buckner?” – He was my Pastor here for years and when they relocated to there (Town starts with an L-but can’t think of it) – Anyway, when you mentioned where you lived I thought of this beautiful Couple right off.
    So sorry about getting off the main topic but I won’t do it anymore unless someone else does it first. ; )
    How could I give you my email Lisa, IF you know these folks? If not then you can just give me a quick answer HERE.
    Love you all, new friends are great and I always love making them. :o)

    • Hey Barb! I live in No Ky. The cities off the top of my head would be Lexington, Louisville or Latonia. I don’t know this couple…wish I could be more helpful. I’m thankful that I have made new friends. I have to agree with you we have got off this thread completely and I apologize to all. I will only post when it has to do with the wildlife. The deers are back and yes I am feeding them apples!:)

  35. Hi GGuns! (where are you here, don’t see you)
    As far as feeding the Deer again …
    I do not believe in putting food out to kill them (where’s the sport in that anyway?)so I am not guilty of that part. PLEASE, we all have different feelings on this BUT,”can’t we all just get along?” (ha!)
    I am no longer feeding the Deer! I was “NEW” to that idea and since they came up to MY door, I WAS guilty of putting out CORN- for a LITTLE while. Then decided on the Apples for a LITTLE while …
    Now, after all the SNOW and the return of them, I am farrrr too busy to feed them at all. I read somewhere that someone here talked about how they are able to FORAGE for themselves. I found THAT to be TRUE after 10″ of Snow and did not see them until AFTER it was all gone.
    NO problem with the DEER my friend …
    Please read MORE of my Post here.

    Now, the Vacation part …
    I meant what I said because it IS funny about the difference in MALE/FEMALE. I LOVE my hubby and we BOTH get a kick out of how we are wired different. (God’s doing! : )
    Hey! ONE thing I have come to see on this Board (maybe?)
    there is farrr too much sensitivity.
    PLEASE, if I have offended you, (and anyone else)PLEASE accept my apology. In ALL sincerety, I can say this.
    Well, at LEAST it looks like Lisa and I didn’t run EVERYBODY off.
    Or is it possible that maybe this is just old wine in new wineskins- (that too is fuuny! : )
    It takes more than talking about vacations and Deer to get ME all bent out of shape. Yep!
    Maybe I won’t leave after all sounds like we are can finally get back to business at hand?
    just like in “Politics” it’s FUN standing up for our beliefs and yet still get along-with no offense.
    (and yes) God Bless! : )

  36. Barb that is a good attitude!!! I have to agree that we can see things differently and voice our opinions but at the end of the day all get along!! Not only do you sometimes make friends but you may just learn a thing o two???

  37. Hi Lisa …
    I can’t see a thing wrong with feeding the Deer, apples.
    In fact girlfriend, with you now living out in the Country
    (where you’ve said is now your new Home)
    It would be fun just watching them eat. It was fun preparing the APPLES for them. First PEEL them and then cut them up. They LOVE the Peelings so that way, you get more food out of the Apple.
    I loved it and will never forget the little ones. One of them was just about coming all the way up to me but I felt, that just COULD get it killed one day. They are so beautiful and precious but then you know what Lisa, I grew up in the Country and I can sooo remember my grandfather raising and yes, killing them for FOOD.
    Animals were created for Man (and women:o) and even though the very THOUGHT that a DEER could be food for us, they can and are. (but then I am sure you know this:o)
    Hey! I have photos of the ones that were (for a short while) eating from a trough that I threw together for them.
    I’ll have to put it on Facebook!
    Don’t have the time for them right now but, maybe one day in the future I might do it again.:o)
    Have fun with YOUR Deer! (one more smiley face! )

  38. Oh Lisa! I meant I can remember my grandfather Raising and Killing “Cattle”-For Food! They TOO can be sooo beautiful.
    Fun to look at, fall in love with THEN, knowing they TOO are MEAT for the family.:o)

    • Oh Barb! I do agree with you and the rest of the gang about the “great hunt” You see the problem with growing up in the city I was never around farm animals. My husband grew up in the country, yes as a young kid he did hunt with his brothers and Dad. He is always telling stories about the dogs (you know survival of the fittest) Having said that when I first met him I was amazed by a cow and ran from chickens….LOL (I know this sounds crazy). In fact it took me a long time to get use to different critters roaming around and at times I would turn on the radio so I had something to listen to. Then was blessed to have our daughter and she gets so excited when the deer show up. She’s definitely Captain KODAK:)! Now I find myself wanting to set on the deck in total peace watching the wildlife. Will most definitely start peeling the apples, thanks for the tip!!!

  39. LOL! Hey y’all! I DO know the difference in “Putting” (I also play golf with my husband) and “Puting”

  40. JANE! WOW!
    We LOVE TEXAS! You all are surely SERIOUS about your State, huh!
    LOVE your Governor! Would LOVE him to run for President come 2012!
    ps …
    (I LOVE a lot, huh! :oD))

    • Hey Barb & Jane! and all others:) great tip for feeding the deers! I will most definitely limit what is available from my standpoint!!!
      Learning so much from my friends! Thank you!

  41. I worked on a fenced in area it had a number of deer that remained in the area.The employees feed the deer corn. After a while some of the deer began walking in circles and running into buildings. The game commission blaimed the strange behavior on the feeding of corn and actually shot a number of the deer because they were sick.

  42. i was wondering i live in the south and i am learning little by little about hunting and yes i do hunt,and have kill a few. So is the deer corn bad i also use other things like apples and natural things like the shrubs and trees i have on my land . So what is up with not feeding them corn . yes or no.

  43. you know the biggest thing i wonder about is this if corn is so bad for the deer why do they grow it in feilds where it will be so easy for the deer to get to and just to say it does hurt them why doesnt it bother the people that says it is bad for the deer and i got another question if its bad for deer what about the cattle hogs and other animals like that and for the most part the animals we harvest and eat if it makes them sick why dosent make us sick just something to think about right there

  44. This thread Is still going. Amazing. It must be a yankee thing. I have never heard such complete nonsense. We need to stop growing corn in all those millions of acres of unfenced land that all those poor deer and naturally wondering threw. LOL

  45. I have been doing some research on this matter and I am beginning to think- Deer, Cattle or such animals cannot eat CORN. Grains cannot break down and they cause an acidosis in the stomach.-That causes bloating and that can lead to death or so very SICK that they would want to DIE!
    I can remember my granddad would have a fit if his cattle wondered into the CORN field. I was young but I can remember him saying it would make them DEATHLY sick!
    I too have been WRONG feeding the Deer-CORN.(I stopped after reading some of the letters here, from some smart folks.)
    My little DOG “cannot” eat grains. His doctor told me when he was little that NO DOG should be fed CORN.
    Looks like (some) folks here are just going to keep asking the same questions over and over so YES, looks like THIS thread will continue on! If we just kinda use some “common sense” then we will see our mistakes and wrong thinking on this matter, huh?
    (in my humble opinion:)

  46. OK, here’s the bottom line. We feed deer corn because we are humans and do it because we WANT TO. Humans, a growing majority of us, don’t care about natural order or natural law nor do we actually live off the land. If we did, we wouldn’t be in the state we are globally, on every level.

    So stop asking stupid questions. If you care about deer then don’t build in their habitat and then this will all be mute point. Jeez


  48. Well welcome aboard, Mrsk! (don’t see you on the board yet)
    Well, I live in North Ga.(almost in N.Carolina)
    When I USED to buy Corn, I shopped at a Tractor Supply up here.
    We first bought at a Tractor supply but my husband found a better price at WALMART for $6.75. (huge bag)
    So, you’re not a Hunter anymore just a Deer Watcher …
    They are sooo beautiful and SMART!
    Can you believe it …
    they are not afraid of my little yapping dog (when I take him out) but they run from humans. Pret-ty smart, huh! :)

  49. I came upon this site seeking info on feeding deer corn & if it would harm them. I learned from reading all your prior posts, that corn is not good for the deer & can harm them. A deer was seen on my in-laws backyard yesterday, Sunday 05/29/11, my husband suggested giving her some corn-on-the-cob, but since it was already packed away in the refrigerator, I suggesed an apple, which I sliced into quarters. When I returned to the deck, the doe had retreated to the rear of the yard, although I threw the apple pieces softly on the ground, the doe did not return, much to my mother-in-law’s disappointment. I agree that the “wild” animals shouldn’t be fed by humans, because they can become dependent upon that “food” & also can become too close to humans for their own good. Since my MIL (mother-in-law) had a stroke 2 yrs ago, life has changed – my husband & I were moving to PA, then MIL had stroke & we moved in with his parents:(!!! While I agree with the philosophy of not feeding the deer – life is short & MIL has little enjoyment – then again she has impaired short term memory, so she’ll probably forget it in a minute or two! I would like to thank you for the info – I had no idea about the harm corn could do to the animals. I truly enjoyed reading all your posts, can’t believe it’s 1:49 AM!!! Wow, this site is better than watching CSI on the USA channel! Thanks again, Happy Memorial Day!!!

    • Hi Barb, well, seems I am always getting a message every time someone puts in an entry here SO, here I am again, back on the board-
      for a VERY short visit.

      Barb, This IS a nice place to visit, you will learn a lot.
      Sad part about it though, you will also find- we have a “double-minded” person on this board! First HE will say DON’T FEED the DEER then all in the same breath, HE will say it is just FINE. Just have to be very careful, this person will “go off on you” pretty fast! Just make up your mind if you like it here to NOT pay any attention.
      From ONE Barb to ANOTHER, do what makes you and your family HAPPY.
      You seem like a very nice person. I also LOVE my MIL and call her MOM.
      -My mother died a few years back.
      Take care and enjoy the Board. Again, MOST of the folks here TRULY know what they are talking about- But TRULY ONE, that doesn’t! lol!

      God Bless!

      • Hi Barb! Thanks so much for responding, you seem to be a very nice person also, Glad to Meet You!!! Having grown up in Brooklyn, NY in an apartment building, the most nature I got was when I asked my Mom if I could grow some grass (the type one grows on their lawns), my Mom thought this was for a science project I had – she asked a co-worker for some grass seed & I got an 8″ x 2″ rectangle bit of grass, LOL, when the grass began to grow, my Mom asked when I was scheduled to bring it to class, all I remember is telling her I wanted to know what grass felt like – I think it was at that moment, my Mom knew I was definately an individual, perhaps a bit off the wall, at the tender age of 10 or so. Now 40+ yrs later, I do what I can for the environment (very much into recycling) and feeding the birds. Here, in Rockland County, NY I’ve not seen, or heard about anything more wild than deer, there may be reports of coyotes, but they seem to be closer to the county above Rockland – from my impression, more rural, undeveloped and more rustic. I don’t regularly feed the deer, but with all the snow we had this past winter, when I would see apples or pears getting a little “too ripe”, & MIL will not eat it since it’s too ripe & Father-in-law follows accordingly, so I quartered the fruit, removed the seeds and threw the pieces off the deck, then wondered if it could be found since it literally got lost in the snow drifts – but I trusted that “if it was meant to be, it would be found”. It is difficult at times to be throwing away scraps – i.e., corn, meat, etc., and wanting to do “good”, I have to take myself to task & rationalize that the wrong type of animal, i.e., vermin would be attracted to these scraps, which I do not want. It is difficult to not want to do more for the deer, then I realize that they are being looked after, & we, humans, can only do what we can do. Barb, it is so nice to speak with you, life has gotten very limited, so I do appreciate this outlet to find the “good things” to give the deer. Thanks so much, enjoy the weekend!!! Barbara

  50. Deer eat many things, corn along with other crops are just one of them. The problem with this site is it has a lot of liberal personalities talking about this topic from a emotional bent. It’s almost like they see the deer as pets or cute. In reality, the deer are wildlife that are a chief game source.

    In regards to feeding deer anything, if you enjoy seeing them then by all means feed them. They can be domesticated. They are what I refer to as woodland cattle. And it is at that point of domestication that you must assume responsibility for them.

    • Hi! I agree with the philosophy of not feeding the animal if you cannot do it for the next 20+ yrs, perhaps longer, since I think the animal will become dependant on it. Having grown up in an apartment building, I sometimes feel like I am in the midst of woodlands, living here with the in-laws, though I do question the logic – but that’s another topic entirely, on their 1/2 acre? & if I’m lucky, I can briefly see a deer by the in-laws water fountain in backyard. When our dog, Pepper was here, she would give me advance notice that the deer were around, & I would walk her (she was on a leash) away from the area, so as not to frighten the deer. Unfortunately, Pepper had to be put down, she was 17? yrs, & it was time, though we only had her for 5 yrs (she was a rescue) – it was too short, I trust that she is in a far better place & yes, the priest did express disfavor when I mentioned such a statement. I do believe in the afterlife – for us humans and our dear pets too, I may be disappointed when I finally get there to realize that our pets are not there, but as I said in a prior post, “we do what we can do & trust in God to handle the rest”. At this point in time, I cannot do much more, we currently have no pets – in-laws don’t like the noise (that makes me want to ask them – how did they ever have children, especially 2 boys, but the rightous side of my brain, cautions me to speak softly and Don’t Show the Big Stick) Perhaps I take too soft a role with feeding the wildlife, i.e.,birds, squirrels, deer. I do feel that with all the developments, the land for the wildlife/deer is being diminished drastically, again, I can only do what I can do – Nice talking with you, have a nice weekend. Take care. Barbara

      • Hey Barb!
        I was going to get back with you awhile back when you replied to one of my entries.
        How are you?
        We suffered a terrible Tornado awhile back and every tree around our Home went down. :( -It was as though God took each one in His hand and laid them IN PLACE-without touching our Home.-However,a HUGE tree flattened my van. My husband’s nice truck was parked right next to it and it didn’t even blow a leaf on IT! (can smile NOW that’s it’s all over and done with :oD)
        Anyway, now that our heavily wooded area is no longer, we have no more DEER!(sniff-sniff)
        I LOVE my Deer! Barb, there’s no beauty (other than watching children laugh and play) like watching Wildlife! I LOVE my Deer! They are sooo precious and lovely to watch.
        I totally believe that ANIMALS were created- FOR MAN.
        I am a very conservative person but you will find very liberal folks on this board that seem to find PLEASURE in killing Deer. Seems not for the food so much but for the pure PLEASURE of killing them.
        There is balance amongst every thing God created and if man is hungry, it is just fine with God to kill and eat them. BUT, for pleasure or to say “thin them out” I don’t believe it! “Balance” should come at God’s hands. FOOD, yes! I always hated the coyote(and still do!)because they kill the Deer BUT, I have come to know, THAT is God’s balance! It would be horrifying to watch it happen and I would cry my eyes out BUT, that is the way to “thin them out” NOT for pleasure of it.
        So, if they come BACK, I will enjoy them and FEED them! They LOVE apples! I have heard that Corn is bad-maybe, but I DO know that apples are just fine. I will continue to feed them if they return.
        I live in a gated community with over 7,000 acres and we STILL do not have too many here.
        Enjoy them Barb. Their beauty did not come-by chance But, by their Creator.
        So, when I have the time, I want to read some of your entries. Again, be careful as to what you read HERE. It IS a good place with good people that has much to contribute- without being so negative all the time.
        God Bless! : )

  51. Deer are a nuisance to farmers. Deere are costing people millions of dollars each year. They destroy crops and cost farmers literally thousands of dollars a year, and that cost has to be added back to what you pay for those farm products. They also spread parasites like ticks to areas where they roam. They introduce diseases to cattle that wouldn’t otherwise affect a herd. On another note, deere meat, although palitable, isn’t exactly good or good for you. It’s protein if you are hungry and not very choosy about taste or texture.
    The only thing deer are good for is to make sausage by adding some ground pork to the mix. Otherwise, the entire deer population is good for nothing but damaging cars or destroying vegetable and fruit crops. The entire population of deer, bears, alligators and other protected animals should be cut to less than half the current population. Everybody, if aware or not, is paying for the over population of these animals.

  52. We’ve been lately feeding the deer here in Ohio. I also hunt deer, but only bucks and never around the house. We love the interaction and the lead doe eats first and she slowly gets her fill and the others come up. I don’t bait my hunting area with the exception of smeels and irines. They help cover up human scent as does raccoon urine dies. I’m not saying wether its right or wrong- just don’t like the extra work. I think when a know it all sports his mouth – allowing to share his wisdom only detracts from good writing and friendship.

  53. If it is illegal to ‘feed’ deer, then why have no charges ever been brought against corn farmers, etc, who for whatever reason can not harvest their corn, or leave corn in fields because they can’t harvest 100% of every ear of corn? Deer have a tendancy to eat with diversity, on their own. It’s how they are. One of the reasons there are so many deer in the United States is the history of agriculture and the crops we have grown, and the edges that crop farming causes, Deer graze or browse the edges, its a sun exposure kind of thing for other than agricultural crops. I don’t hunt bucks only because it’s been proven over and over again that a mixture of buck and doe hunting provides for a diversity of the herd that is more natural (predators of deer do NOT chose the sex of the animal they are after). It’s obvious that those who don’t like the taste of venison claim that deer are worthless, LearnToProcessVenisonProperly is the website they need to go to, read it, THEN LearnToComprehend things.

  54. Lol jk I had to mess with the environmental people haha every one take this stuff to seriosely if there wasn’t hunters the world would be taken over by animals and if there wasn’t tree huger then there would be no places to camp or fish or hunt, it wouldent be American, just like there are two sides to politics one thinks we shouldent fight we should and the other thinks we should fight so others can be free and stop comeing to America because there place is sh1t and there is enough people here, but what I’m geting at is there is always going to be a ying and a yang in life to keep stuff even, I like watching deer and I don’t feed them cuz that’s stupid but I do plant plants and make shere the yard is healthy for them to eat from but I also like to hunt them not bait them i mean hunt them like go threw sticker bushes to get them but I don’t kill the first deer that comes along I kill the big deer for more meet and to say I had the chance to catch an amazing animal and that it made me work for the kill, and don’t say cuz it was tuning for it’s life because the point in life is we all die were born dieing and deer die from animals too so I’m pritty shere no one is going to tell a cugar to stop killing deer cuz it’s the circle of life…….. So he would eat you without blinking lol and how dare people say we hurt animals, dogs and cats and other pets were wild once and now they live with us, it’s poeple that like animals so much they spend 5,000 to 100,000 geting there pets like dogs peticures or clothes there animals, the fur is there shirt and pants and if you really want to get into it everyone is killing the earth so good game everyones dumb but we can’t just stop curing stuff down because we have to house people and if we did stop and stopes driveing gas cars then we would hit the ice age again yaaaaaaay so there are two side of a debate and two side that do what is needed to service to keep life in balance so deal with it

  55. We feed stors sell corn because people ask for it. We also sell other deer products also. We have 3 customers that are feeding deer for meat on a farm. We know that some things are not good for the wild animals but hey it is a sale if we didnt someone else would. I usually recommed to put out salt for them keeps em away from the roads (we use a lot of salt on our roads up here). My family has hit a total of 7 deer of the last two years at a cost of at least $40,000.00. There was a person that was missing for 3 days they found his car in a ditch with a deer in the windshield he was dead and there was two bags of feed in the back seat. We have a saying in our company “you feed deer until you hit one”
    They are wild animals they can take care of themselves. They have been doing it for hundreds of thousands of years and will probably be around after us.

  56. The ONLY SOLUTION is for ALL farmers, etc to stop growing corn in areas where there are ANY deer species in the U.S.. They are killing off the deer according to the above article and its references. The deer seem to not know what is and/or is good for them, so man has to take control and eliminate the cause of the implied huge losses of deer where there is corn being cultivated. BAN CORN WHERE THERE ARE DEER!!! All those ‘scientists’ explaining things, and not one has shown the loss or potential loss from deer eating corn, so much for the ‘scientific’ method or the stats resulting from it, in the real world. The BIGGEST feeders of corn to deer are the CORN FARMERS!!!!!!!! Eliminate those crops in deer areas and the deer will cease to suffer from the various diseases mentioned and physical conditions that manifest themselves from the eating of corn.

  57. George-

    Would you talk mother that way? Would you talk to these people on here the same way if you were face to face with them?

    What’s with the “urbanite”? People ask questions cause they are genuinely curious and what to know? They were not feeding deer to be malicious.

    I’m curious, do you have any pets? Cause that would be disturbing the “natural order of things” according to your logic. The Ancient Egyptians domesticated the cat to get rid of rats; they worshipped them like Gods. Cats also helped during the days of the plague. What about when man domesticated the wolf to dog. Man even took it a step further and breed dogs for specific jobs, i.e. hunting. You have different kinds for different kinds of hunting-greyhounds for chasing down, retrievers to fetch, pointers to guide us, and spaniels to flush out.

    Your comment on constitutional rights being “taking away” inside of a gated community, your wrong. Second Amendment is about the right to bear arms, not where and when you can hunt. The 2nd Amendment is about deterring undemocratic govt, repelling & suppressing invasion, self defense, law enforcement, and to organize a militia. There is nothing in the 2nd Amendment about the right to hunt. State laws and local ordinances state when and where you can hunt. Without them, people like you would “shoot them from their porch in their robe” as you’ve have stated. In the event that someone missed or had a thru & thru that round has to go and stop somewhere. Oh, you just missed that 10 pt but, boy did you see that 3 yr old’s head explode?! Or did you skip that day of hunter’s safety training? That’s why you can’t hunt in residential areas.

    The reason people put out bird feeders, baths, and houses is for the woman’s benefit, to bring in the birds to watch. The birds just happeen to benefit from that arrangement. If everybody stopped providing those things the birds wouldn’t die. Same goes for wanting to feed the deer. To bring them to an area to observe them or to hunt.

    For those of you that want to deer watch but are afraid of using too much corn just mix it up. Go get apples, carrots, and sugar bees that aren’t fit for human consumption, i.e. worm holes. Also, throw in some hay, alfalfa, and goat or rabbit feed. Purina makes food for deer, the same as they do for cats and dogs. It actually has nutritional value. There are also salt / mineral licks and molasses that you can get. Mix it up like you do your own diet.

  58. Hay the above is not true if you feed in limited amounts, I know it said large amounts, but the deer are not just eating corn, they are still eating their native foods, because they have too for the protein. Corn is just a treat for them to help with what we call a hobby. It does not have to be for hunting or watching them. In today’s life too many people talk smack on the internet or not know what is really happening out there. Everyone do a little research and you will find out everything is harmful when it should be good for the animal. Bottom line is educate yourself and have fun doing it.

  59. corn is a food source more or less invented by man. Wildlife populations are not used to its acidic starchy properties. corn is being linked to all sorts of problems in humans so what makes you think its okay for animals because they eat it corn fields? 1,000 years ago there where no corn fields. it was found by foraging in the woods by Incas and Aztecs for food. this ancient variety has been completely bread out (via genetics) of the corn we consume and/or feed wildlife today.

    we should think of the ecosystem as a whole. deer and other hunted wildlife have evolved over thousands of years to be browsers or grazers and abruptly changing there diets is quite simply detrimental. I am an avid hunter and believe in our rights to hunt for food or sport, but don’t make the wildlife suffer for it. they just don’t know any better and as the dominant controlling species on the planet we all have a responsibility to do the right thing because its right, not because its what we want. humans are selfish beings…that’s part of our success on this planet, but its not always the best way. Common sense will take you a long way…USE IT.

  60. Well the long winded miss the point once again. I propose this for the sake of wildlife, deer in particular, BAN ALL CORN GROWING. According to the above, it’s NonCommonSensical for deer to be afforded the opportunity teo eat corn, as it is detrimental to their health. I am sure that 99% of the corn consumed by deer is from the corn in fields left standing or from the ears and kernels left behind from harvesting it. The change in their diets actually started when the indigenious peoples of what became the Americas begain cultivating crops, like corn and a multitude of other plants, not when the nonindigenious peoples immigrated here. The fact is the deer EAT it, and if it so deterimental to their well being, any dept of wildlife resources ANYWHERE should have regulations that probit the growing of corn (or any other plants that are detrimental to the health of wildlife) in the ranges of those animals who inhabit those ranges. Just the prohibition of feeding/baiting them is NOT enough. The only selfish thing I see is anyone who would oppose such legislation and implementation. I guess the populations of white tail deer have bloomed despite the growing of crops that are detrimental to them. Whatta species!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deciding that not feeding deer corn, is neither a right thing to do, not is it some sort of responsibility. It’s a baseless opinion, nothing more.

  61. a baseless opinion is not unlike a bloated opinionative response. not sure how you where raised, but i was taught to be responsible for my actions no matter what i am doing. feeding/baiting deer with corn only is irresponsible period. of course they are going to EAT it, it’s on the ground in front of them and like any wild creature deer are opportunist so passing up easy food is unnatural. as long as your sure that 99% of the corn deer eat is from corn left behind in fields then i guess you did your homework, or would that be an assumption? the point is, if you are going to feed/bait deer with corn do it responsibly. there are alternatives to corn like food plots. parks and wildlife departments have been using food plots with much success. do some research on the topic and figure out what would be the best food plot for your area and get to growing. not only will you be a responsible sportsman, but the deer you harvest will be healthy and larger horns and all. good day and good luck this year.

    • again you let your self appointed self rightgeousness get in the way of your vision. You first say how irresponsible it is to feed deer corn. Then you say it’s okay, as long as you don’t feed them little else. Soooo a corn farmer should plant other foodstuffs in his fields to offset just corn being available for the deer. By the way the 99% was a ball park figure where baiting for or feeding deer is illegal. Of course there are those who will bait/feed them anyways, but I don’t dwell on criminals much, too much feeble mindedness there. But then again isn’t hunting on the edges of food plots/corn fields/etc the same as huntng over a baited area? I hunt mostly on public lands, state/national forests, (illegal to hunt in state/national parks (unless by special permits, etc), planting food plots are out. Healthy deer are a result of so much more than you list it’s unbearable to see ANYONE write, errr type that. Now let’s get back to prohibiting farmers from growing corn at all, then the deer won’t be subjected to the horrible consequences derived from eating too much corn. Do it for the deer, do it for science and humanity. By the way you’re fun to play with in all this, actually an easy mark. But that is another topic to discuss sometime. bye

  62. You Obviously have a reading comPrehention problem and are missing the point comPletly. Good luck on your hunt and I’m glad this thread makes you feel superior to me. CongrDulTions and God speed.

  63. Reading all the comments on feeding deer relates to winter feeding. We’ve been feeding the last four months or so only because Texas has had severe drought conditions this year providing nothing for the deer to graze on. They are skin and bones. We’re NOT feeding to kill them but to hopefully help them survive the drought. We’ve been told it’s not a good idea to feed them, but how can you not?

  64. what if the deer stay in the same area and you feed them both apples and corn is that still harming them i feed it to them all year arround except late winter?

  65. Use corn To Bait deer here in ohio! Work Great and Taste Great.So Works for me Cause i am just going to kill them anyway.Keeps meat in my freezer and my family fed.

  66. This talk about deer not handling corn is absolute craziness! After all where are all the big deer loacated? Oh that’s right near agricultural areas that the deer feed on corn,beans and alfalfa! And guess what the food of choice for the deer are going into winter is ? That’s right corn ! Freshly picked off the ground or outta the food plot by their own little mouth. Then when the snow falls guess what? They paw through the snow to pick up more corn or alfalfa just like a beefer would ! Imagine that! These so called experts arnt always expert! Well depends on definition!lol

  67. Ive read a few of everyones post and as a woman myself i love to hunt;we eat every part of the deer as a hunter i really belive its a good thing id rather shoot a deer any day than to see them suffer from starvation or blue tongue….which deer get and spread to one another and is a very painful death there tongue swells n they cant drink water and they die. Hunting isnt just a guy thing you see alot of women now days that also hunt

    • Hi Samantha,

      I work with a gal that hunts deer. This came as no surprise..I am a city gal all the way! I only feed the deer when thee snow hits. I realize thaat this is a sport andd hold no ill feelings. God Bless! Some people on the post need to cool dowwn!

  68. This whole thing reminds me of the “Rice Myth.” Some wise guy got it out that little birds die from eating the rice that is traditionally thrown at weddings. This was propagated so much that some cities actually passed ordinances banning the throwing of rice. Years after hearing this and not being sure what to make of it; I accidentally caught a news clip on CNN debunking the whole idea. This is what happens when people blindly accept someone’s assumptions for scientific fact. I’m not saying that there is no validity to this, but I tend to believe that these findings come from deer that are captive on game ranches. These deer are living in denser populations than found in the wild and have less access to a diversity of food. Therefore diseases and side-effects of a single food source are more prevalent. These captive deer are also far easier to study and that is why I believe this to be the source of the corn controversy. I would like to see specific fact from studies conducted on wild deer.

  69. If corn, bread etc. is bad to feed deers, why are feed stores allowed to sell it? Many people and I am one did not know it was bad for them.Do pigs, cows and chickens have a different digestive system?

  70. I went to an seminar on goat feeding, sponsored by the USDA. They said do not feed your goats “goat feed” from stores like tractor supply, as it will cause health problems for the goats. So it seems logical that “deer feed” can also make deer sick. The companies that sell this care only about making a profit. Anyway how would the customer even know if the deer were getting sick from it? Do you monitor you deer 24/7 that you are feeding?

    Just because its marketed as for feeding deer means absolutely nothing!

  71. I hear so many pros and cons, I am still confused. I have not been feeding the deers corn but feel bad if I think they are going hungry, I don’t want to see animals starve. I feed four feral cats.

  72. I dont feed deer but I do put out feed so that I can SHOOT them.
    I try to thin the heard and discourage them from my land. My 5yo daughter contracted LYME DISEASE and is now partially disabled. My neighbor used to put out feed for them not knowing that shes is contributing to the spreed of the illness.

    The are beautiful creatures but they are WILD! People shouldn’t encourage them to dwell in populated areas (cities and suburbs) you are actually hurting deer by doing so (car accidents, overpopulation, malnutrition). And you’re also hurting your neighbors (car accidents, lyme disease). So please think before you feed.

  73. All the city folks dont need to even leave a comment. And the lyme disease was manmade as a bio weapon experiment called “operation paperclip” if ya wanna look it up to see what dumbazz started that. Fresh corn that has no chemical agents on it wont hurt the deer and if they show up in a herd ill shoot 2 each time and yes i eat every bit of meat. I even use the brains to tan the hide and make knives out of the antlers. Got to have herd control or else the deer inbreed causeing defects in the deer population. If ya dont like what ive said then look up what Popcorn Sutton had written on his tombstone for my final comment.

  74. Ryan, Ya! for your input, I would have written it the same way. I need help to get Sterling Heights to recognize the TNR, Trap neuter and return. Sterling Heights is a good city to live in but it looks like they do not animals. Pleas help!

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