FSA Andy for Feb. 4


Hi, Again!

It is that time of year again to update everyone with some old information. The following are some reminders that will help you stay in compliance with program regulations throughout the year.

Payment limitation requirements. USDA payments are subject to producer eligibility and payment limitation provisions. After applicable forms have been filed to determine your eligibility, you must annually update those forms if there are significant changes.

Changes in your farming operation which would effect your “actively engaged in farming” determination, your cash-rent tenants, or foreign person determinations are all examples of what needs to be reported.

Financial inquiries for producers. January signals the beginning of a new year, and a time to gather financial records and start thinking about filling out a 1040. Producers who have signed up for a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 account will be able to access their farm data through Financial Inquires for FSA Producers.

The site is available under “Online Services” on the Ohio FSA Web page at www.fsa.usda.gov/oh. This site will provide producers with information regarding electronic deposits, program payments, debts, or CCC-1099-G.

Spouse signatures. A husband and wife may sign on behalf of each other for programs in which either has an interest. Written notification denying a spouse this authority must be provided to your local county office if you do not want your spouse to sign documents on your behalf.

Direct deposit. Please remember to notify your local office of any changes in your checking or savings account information or your bank’s routing number. These changes will affect the time frame in which money is deposited into your account. To prevent any delay in payments, notify us as soon as any changes take place.

Power Of attorney. No person may sign FSA forms for another person unless a form FSA-211, Power of Attorney, has been properly completed.

Foreign ownership of land. Foreign persons or entities who acquire, transfer, or hold an interest in agricultural land are required to report the transaction to their local FSA office within 90 days. Any foreign person or entity who does not file a report, or knowingly submits an incomplete or false report is subject to civil penalty.

Special accommodations. Special accommodations will be made, upon request, for individuals with disabilities, vision impairments, or hearing impairments. If accommodations are necessary, you should contact the county executive director at your local FSA office.

Controlled substance. Any person who is convicted under federal or state law of a controlled substance violation could be ineligible for USDA payments or benefits. Violations include planting, harvesting or growing a prohibited plant. Prohibited plants include marijuana, opium, poppies and other drug producing plants.

That’s all for now,

FSA Andy


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