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I’d like to discuss prevented planting and failed crops with you. It’s important to remember that you need to report prevented planted acreage and failed crops to your local Farm Service Agency office. This applies to all crops, whether covered by crop insurance, not covered by insurance, or covered by Farm Service Agency’s Non-insured Assistance Program.

Prevented planted acreage is acreage you were intending to plant, but due to weather event(s) you are unable to get the acreage planted. Prevented planted acreage must be reported within 15 days of the final planting date of the crop.

The final planting date for corn is June 5 and for soybeans is June 20.

Therefore, you would need to report your prevented planted corn acreage for 2008 by June 20 and any prevented planted soybean acreage by July 7.

For other crops, contact your local Farm Service Agency office, because final planting dates vary among counties and crop types.

Failed acreage is acreage that has been planted under normal conditions, but as a result of a natural disaster, not a management decision, the crop has failed. You are required to file a notice of failed acreage prior to the disposition of the crop.

Not only are you required to report the prevented planted and failed acreage to your local Farm Service Agency office, you are also required to timely file a CCC-576, Notice of Loss application.

For those crops covered under Farm Service Agency’s Non-insured Assistance Program, producers should immediately contact their local Farm Service Agency office to report the acres and file a CCC-576, Notice of Loss application.

Producers with Non-insured Assistance Program coverage should report their losses within 15 calendar days of crop damage from natural disaster, so the loss can be appraised and production counted before the crop is put into another use, abandoned or destroyed.

If you have your crops insured through a private crop insurance company, you should contact the insurance agent immediately and advise them of the prevented planted or failed acreage situations. Crops not covered with a private insurance or Non-insured Assistance Program policy should still be reported to the local Farm Service Agency office, and producers should file a Notice of Loss application.

This will provide Farm Service Agency with a historical record of your crop.
For more information about reporting prevented planting or failed acres, contact your local Farm Service Agency office.

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FSA Andy is written by USDA Farm Service Agency county executive directors in northeastern Ohio.



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