Good Luck, Thrifty Prom Goers


I’m in the thrift shop business as one of my part-time jobs, so I’m always interested and amazed at the attractive attire a person can find by shopping at second-hand stores. When my husband brought this up recently, we were telling friends they should check out our Next to New Shop in the Columbiana Women’s Club. Always appreciating frugality and pleased with thrifty discoveries, Mark reviewed how impressed he was when one of our friends put together a lovely bridesmaid’s outfit for her sister’s wedding. Although she would look stunning in almost anything, that day she was a marvel.
My daughter Kathie, whose mind is often on outfits, dances and teen looks, told me a friend of hers had a budget of $50 for this year’s prom. I decided not to warn Kathie that this could be her in a few years, but she made me stop and think. Just a couple years ago, we had been introduced to the prom scene through her older sister’s experiences. We tried to be careful what we spent, but the compelling necessities required in order to “fit in” added up. Fifty dollars wasn’t much. Can it be done?
I’m in a contest mode this week. Aside from cooking contests, I’d like to propose a contest of my own. Always eager to promote looking great on a shoestring budget, I’d like to see how many teens can actually put themselves together for prom for $50 (and not look like they cut corners). If there aren’t many potential prom-goers who are Farm and Dairy readers, maybe parents and grandparents can get in on this act. Send me photos showcasing the prom outfit (your own or someone you know) with a list of expenses

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