Hazard a Guess on this Baking Item


Hello from Hazard!
John Paglialunga Jr., of St. Clairsville, Ohio, emailed us to weigh in on Item No. 1068, our multi-week mystery item. He confirms that it’s used to clean stove pipes. “The old timers told me that was what it was used for, and that is what I have always used it for,” he adds.
He echoes what Frank Paloncy, of Spring Creek, Pennsylvania, and Allan Lines, of Worthington, Ohio, surmised in last week’s column, so we’re glad the wisdom of the masses paid off once again (we had no doubt!).

Last week, we also showed a new photo, Item No. 1069, shared by Richard Jocke, of Columbia Station, Ohio. It clearly looks like a wooden rolling pin, about seven inches long, but why does it have a groove cut-out on the side?
Tom Gill, of Canton, Ohio, thinks his wife could make “some really nice lady fingers with that.
“Put a piece of dough in there, larger than what will fit, roll it over to squeeze out the excess, and you’d have nice uniform lady fingers that would all bake to the same consistency.”
We’ll show it again this week (to put you in the holiday baking spirit), and see if anyone else confirms Tom’s guess.
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