Hazard A Guess: Week of March 6, 2003.


Hello from Hazard!

Item No. 674 didn’t stay unidentified for long!

It is a hog leader, specifically “Dr. Rinehart Handy Hog Holder,” pat. Nov. 24, 1931, (another reader says his was patented in Nov. 24, 1891). It was slipped over a hog’s snout/upper jaw and used to handle rather testy hogs. The two ends are of different sizes to be able to use the tool with different sized hogs.

Some readers remembered using the tool to subdue the hog in order to put a ring in its nose.

Many thanks to all who send in the correct response: Manson Smith, Vienna, Ohio; Lowell Reed, Cowansville, Pa.; Reva Montgomery; Lloyd Wiseman, South Zanesville, Ohio;

Roy Darr, Marshallville, Ohio; Randy Winland, Prospect, Ohio; Claude Collins, Norton, Ohio;

Robert Haas, Navarre, Ohio; Reuben Altman, Shippenville, Pa.; Sam Hershberger, Apple Creek, Ohio; and Howard Stahl, Wooster, Ohio.

This week’s item is an unusual tool that measures about 4 inches in length. Loren Roper, Duncan Falls, Ohio, shares it with us.

Does anyone know what it was used for?

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