Hazard A Guess: Week of Nov. 6, 2008


Hello from Hazard!

Item No. 847 must have you baffled because our mailbag has been almost empty for the past two weeks. Two lone responses came in before our deadline, but readers don’t agree on the use of this instrument.

Penny Frame of Scio, Ohio, thinks it could be a blacksmith’s tool for shoeing and trimming horses hooves.

Frame wrote: The hammer part is for hitting the nails into the shoe and the jaw-like pliers are for removing the old shoe from the hoof. The round circle on top of the tool is used to hang it on a nail.

Wayne Cooper of Fombell, Pa., says the item is a tool used to balance tires on trucks and cars.

The item’s owner, Ed Wanchock of Sewickley, Pa., didn’t tell us how it’s used, so we’ll accept the conflicting reports. Here is one more peek at Item No. 847. Let us know if you agree with Frame or Cooper or if you think it’s something completely different.

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We’ll give you one more crack at Item No. 847, but we also want you to take a look at our newest Hazard tool. Sent in by Don and Linda Kristo of Orwell, Ohio, Item No. 848 was discovered at the Sherley Bros. store in Anna, Texas. It is made of galvanized tin and it’s about 4 inches across and 3.5 feet tall.

We think you’ll be able to figure this one out, so give us your best guess.

Send your responses to Hazard a Guess, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460 or e-mail editorial@farmanddairy.com. Be sure to include your name, hometown and state.


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  1. it is water shipon tube for retrieving water from a deep well. you drop into the well the tube fills up and then you pull it back up and pull the rong at the top when you have the tube over a bucket to save the water


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