Hazard A Guess: Week of October 2, 2003.


Hello from Hazard!

At last: brave souls who will take a stab at what the opening on the Truhone knife sharpener (Item No. 691) was meant to be used for.

Clark Colby of North Huntingdon, Pa., says it is for sharpening a pair of scissors.

Joseph Fox of Hartville, Ohio, recalls his grandfather teaching him to mend burlap feed bags, using a similar tool to Item No. 691. Likewise, Les Howell of Beach City, Ohio, says the item also looks like a shuttle to repair fish nets.

Jim Carmellini of Cleveland, Ohio, submits an answer to Item No. 692 – and there’s no guess about it!

It is used by foundry workers to spray liquid pasting. The pasting is placed in the base through the hole that can’t be closed. Then you put an air nozzle in the “mouthpiece” and aim at the pattern.

He adds that it probably could be used for other liquids that need to be aspirated.

Clark Colby also identified the tool as a lung-powered atomizer or sprayer.

Thanks, gentlemen, for your quick responses.

And speaking of Les Howell, here’s the final item, Item No. 693, he shared with Hazard on a recent trip to our office (beware of Hazard readers bearing boxes!).

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