How Cool Are You?


I’m going for the old fashioned meaning here. “Cool” as in refrigeration as opposed to hot – like the weather we’ve been having. What’s it doing to you (or not doing for the crops?)

The heat is really cramping what style I have left. I can’t go to work and I’m still not getting around with agility, so the jobs I can handle at home are limited, but there are still a lot of things I could be doing – except that our house is hot. I stay in the one bedroom where we have a small air conditioner as much as possible. We all do except for Mark.

He works in a hot aluminum plant so home for him feels pretty cool after being in the shop. I’ve heard that anytime you can get in a “conditioned” room, it gives your circulatory system a break. We should go for this kind of relief anytime we can.

I’m for it. I am spoiled. I grew up in an old farm house, but in 1955, my dad put in a large, powerful air conditioner in a downstairs window. Although there was a cold spot near that window, we were very comfortable. Dad is excellent at taking care of things. I enjoyed that comfort for 30 years.

Now, in our little ranch house, I find the 90-degrees which the inside has been hitting regularly – to be unbearable. None of us function well, we are cranky with each other, but at least we’re pleased that our grass isn’t growing – so no mowing.

When I’m at work, I’m very thankful to be in a place that is conditioned and cool. The air in the cars I ride in soothes away the wet hair sticking to my neck. Grocery shopping is fun for once compared to the alternative outside.

This summer’s Air Conditioning Appreciation Days conclude Aug. 15. I, for one, am very appreciative. Keep Cool.


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