Life would be better if we’d all just say, ‘that’s a good thing!’


My good friend, Jan, is a wonderful lady. She is a very positive individual. During the course of our many conversations together, she often replies with the words, “That’s a good thing!”

Jan has a beautiful gift of picking out the good in people, and in life itself. She always responds with a positive instead of a negative.

Helen Keller once said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.”

Jan is very popular with and very loved by her family and friends, and … that’s a good thing.

It might do us all well from time to time to look on the good side of life instead of the not-so-good side. One thing I have noticed is that when we always see the clouds, we fail to notice the sun. I am by no means a weather man; however I am wise enough to realize that behind the clouds the sun is still there, and … that’s a good thing.

I am convinced there are still a lot of good people in this world who care about others, and … that’s a good thing. I believe the USA is still the greatest nation on earth, and … that’s a good thing. I believe God still loves you and me and no matter what takes place on this Earth, He still holds the whole world in His hands, and … that’s a good thing.

I believe the Bible from cover to cover, and if we obey God’s holy word and serve Him with all our hearts, we shall spend eternity in heaven with Him, and … that’s a good thing.

May I recommend you take time out and list some of the special things in your life so you can say, along with Jan, “That’s a good thing!”



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