Make me a garden gnome and I’ll be your Christmas goose


We were talking about how we disliked all the Christmas stuff that is displayed before Halloween. We are not allowed to live through trick or treat without being forced to think of the winter holiday to come. It’s too bad merchants feel they have to push for early Christmas sales. They want us to shop before the snow flies so we can stay home and bake cookies when Thanksgiving and Christmas really roll in. Don’t I wish?!

So let’s tell store managers we don’t like it. Don’t buy anything before the right season, and certainly don’t be the first to decorate at home.

We usually don’t even get our Jack O’Lantern-headed man on our front deck until a couple of days before Halloween. That’s in plenty of time to invite kids to call.

I was especially irked a couple of years ago when I passed a shop that sells those decorative cement geese that you can dress to suit the season. There were two geese standing side by side, one dressed in the orange and purple of a cape and wizard’s hat; the other wearing a Santa suit. I was really provoked; it was – (to use a word my daughter says I overwork) a sacrilege. Consider the idea of Santa itself and take it steps beyond.

What is it with these cement animals? Beside the geese, there are cats, rabbits, and probably anything else you are looking for. What ever happened to the old garden gnomes? I just got some new running shoes that have turned up toes. I’ll hire myself out to stand in your garden. Just make sure you dress me for the right occasion!


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