My Horn of Plenty Runneth Over


It’s tough to eat right in the average American home these days. Although most of us know we should balance meals consuming more from the fruit and vegetable groups than all the rest combined, it’s a tough task to accomplish. The weather turns cold, we crave comfort foods that are usually starchy and/or full of fat (which is why they comfort us), and your Farm and Dairy food editor prints recipes for rich pumpkin desserts and is looking for new recipes for holiday sweets to tempt you.
Evenings have become chilly and, since we’ve turned our clocks back, dark. Curling up in front of my television, I realize that while my Dancing with the Stars contestants whittle themselves away on the dance floor, I’m only getting puffier as I watch with a leftover Halloween chocolate bar in hand.
Every other commercial tempts me with food: new items to put on my shelves that will be quicker and easier, new items to order at the fast food drive-thrus that are for a limited time only, so hurry, and new plattered specials now available at my favorite restaurant with bigger, more generous portions then ever before. All of these say to me, buy it, try it and you’ll want to get it again.
We are in the midst of the era that produced the phrase “Do you want fries with that?” We poke fun at our weakness to keep us from seeing how sadly out of control we’ve become.
After a special performance of Kathie’s youth choir, we stopped at a Wendy’s for a late supper. It was after 10 p.m. We didn’t plan it, but we must have been thinking we should keep it light since we all ended up ordering salads. We started eating, but something was missing. I looked at my brother and I guessed he was thinking like me; we were in a fast food place so where were our fries? He walked back to the counter and bought a king size for four of us to share.
What happened to solid old phrases like “Yield not to temptation?”
Wherever I go, someone comments to me that they’d like to take off a few pounds, but everywhere they go something to eat is offered. I readily concur it’s the same with me. Most likely, we’re exchanging these comments about our plight as we walk along a pot-luck buffet line filling our plates.
I have good intentions. Almost daily (nightly) I consider Oprah’s rule not to put anything in my mouth after 7:30 in the evening. I consider it.
I’ve been up late typing this column and I need a break. Excuse me a minute, I’m just gonna go get a little snack.


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