On The Wild Side


My daydreams are usually filled with visions of beautifully prepared foods, since I make my way through dozens of food photos that accompany the recipes I choose for Farm and Dairy. Some are basic American-melting-pot-type dishes, and some are more ethnic or exotic. I wish I had time to try more of them, but I find myself relying more and more on convenience products. They are packaged to store well and they are easily ready for my girls to fix, yet, I’d rather hand them a recipe and tell them there are fresh ingredients for it in the fridge.

I’d like them to learn to prepare foods from scratch and to present them with a sense of style. Both play a part in the satisfaction we get from eating, which I believe helps us regulate the amount we eat and what we crave.

Experiencing a dream come true is worth noting, and, thanks to the invitation of a dear friend, Mark and I were treated to a once in a lifetime gastronomic extravaganza aptly titled “A Taste of Wild Things.” We ogled the lavish menu in advance and brimmed with anticipation.

A different wine tickled my tongue with each course, as I explored wild mushroom tarts, frog legs in a watercress bath, smoked duck with blueberry marmalade, wild boar, rabbit sausage, quail, perfectly seasoned salads, and, for a chocolate lover like me, Chocolate Volcano Cake as the grand finale. I smoothed down a marvelous glass of Wild Amarula Elephant Liquor, somehow found room for half the heavenly dessert, and melted the other half in my mouth for breakfast next morning.

Coincidentally, after traveling the wild food track, we turned toward another kind of “almost heaven” and set off for the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia that next day (which will be another story)      .

The savory dinner had been especially wonderful for reasons beyond the bill of fare. I didn’t have to travel to a reputed restaurant in a big city, and the atmosphere surrounding our sumptuous spread felt comfortable and relaxed in spite of the lineup of glasses and cutlery that embellished the table. I heartily thank connoisseur de le cuisine extraordinaire, Art Spack, for planning and presiding over the evening. C’est magnifique!


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