Read It Again – Week of Dec. 14, 2000


80 years ago this week.

Only about half of Ohio’s bumper corn crop has been husked and put in cribs because of farmers’ inability to get labor at a price they can afford.

Mahoning Valley orchardists, retailers and wholesalers gathered in Greenford to discuss the need for growers to grade their apples. Among the growers speaking out in support of the view were Willard Calvin and C.J. Roller. R.O. Kale and Samuel McMasters spoke out on behalf of the Retail Grocers’ Association of Youngstown.

50 years ago this week.

The Orchard Hill Farm and Hatchery will have its grand opening on Dec. 16 on Route 45, about four miles north of Salem. Clarence Miller, general manager said the plant at Mogadore will be continued as before, while the plant north of Salem will be additional production.

Miller advises us he was particularly pleased this past July when it became possible for him to acquire the 123 acres and hatchery established by Sam Keener in 1941.

There having been no operation on this property for almost two years, and everything has been placed in top notch condition. Miller tells us that the 123 acres will go into a good pasture program, and beef cattle will be the farm operation.

Already 3,000 of the finest New Hampshire pullets that money can buy are being brooded at the farm. No broilers will be grown on this farm. No birds raised other than breeding stock for the laying pens.

25 years ago this week.

John Bartels, dairyman on Valley Road south of Damascus, Columbiana County, has finally received settlement after some four years of agitation and court action, for feed which damaged his cattle.

Bartels got about $15,000, after attorneys and costs were paid. It was settled out of court on the morning of the day it was to go before the court, on the advice of attorneys. Almost 30 purebred Brown Swiss cows had to be beefed. The first one to become ill died. And she had been grand champion at the Michigan State Fair, made 500 pounds as a 2-year-old and was surrounded by 900-pound ancestors.


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