Read it Again: Week of May 17, 2001.


80 years ago this week.

The Massillon state hospital has planed sufficient crops that, if the harvest is normal, will feed all now enrolled at the institution. Approximately 800 acres are planted with vegetables and grain.

Four dippers at the Sebring Pottery Company in Sebring went on strike, idling another 270 plant workers. The company estimates these four men caused the rest to lose more than $12,000 in wages. The men were ordered by their international officials to return to work or be expelled from their union.

50 years ago this week.

Orchard Knoll Poultry Farm of Lisbon again led Ohio’s New Hampshire poultry breeders in record of performance trapnesting with an average egg production of 208 eggs. This is the annual average of all birds entered. Production is computed on the number of birds that start the year, and not on the average number remaining after culling and mortality. Of the 600 pullets entered by Orchard Knoll in December 1949, 91.3 percent were still living one year later. More hens from Orchard Knoll’s entry qualified officially as record of performance hens and more produced 300 or more eggs in their pullet year than all of Ohio’s remaining New Hampshire record of performance breeders combined. These entries also had the highest body weight of the New Hampshires entered, averaging 6.2 pounds.

Orchard Knoll poultry was established 25 years ago by R. Dale Miller, and has been expanding steadily. Chicks have been shipped to 19 states; as far east as Maine, west to Missouri, north to Michigan, and south to Texas.

25 years ago this week.

A new all-time price record for a dairy cow (some higher figures have been claimed by some of the exotic breeds) was set at the Hays sale at Oakville, Canada, when the cow Romadale Reflection Cristy sold for $200,000. They buyer was Ray Edwards of Indiana, Pa. Ray is in partnership with his father, a dentist, on a farm east of Pittsburgh.

Claude Picket of Georgetown, who sold the cow, said he had paid $65,000 for her in 1971.


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