Read it Again: Week of Oct. 24, 2002


80 years ago this week. Mahoning and Columbiana county granges celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Ohio State Grange with special jubilee programs. In Mahoning County, Milton Grange was the first subordinate organization in the county, with history dating to 1873 when the first efforts began toward organizing an informal farmers’ club. The first meetings of this Grange were held in a log hut on the Leondias Carson farm on the bank of the Mahoning River now covered by the waters of Lake Milton. In Columbiana County, the first two granges organized were Greenhill Grange, near Kensington, and Dungannon Grange. The first was organized in 1873 and the second in the early part of 1874. The Dungannon Grange later became Pleasant Valley Grange, so the oldest Grange in the county in point of continuous membership is Mount Nebo Grange on the Salem-Lisbon Road, which was the third organized and the first too have built a Grange hall in the county.

50 years ago this week. Two more Ruritan clubs were instituted in Columbiana County, one in Lisbon and the other at Fairfield school south of Columbiana.

John Hull will be this year’s president of the Lisbon club, and W.A. Morris was elected president of the Fairfield club.

25 years ago this week. Corn is rolling out of combines across the country in a flood of yellow grain never seen before. Not too much has been picked in eastern Ohio at this date because constant rain has made the ground too soft, but the corn itself is hard. A few growers have ventured into the fields with a “pull” tractor ahead of the combine and one man reports using two pull tractors.

In Michigan, a new national yield record was set. In St. Joseph County they measured a field that had 352.64 bushels per acre at 15-1/2 percent moisture. The previous world record of about 338 bushels was also set in Michigan.


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