Reward few who got it right



Coleen Rowley, the FBI general counsel in Minneapolis, and the agents in that field office should be honored and promoted for having recognized the importance of thoroughly investigating Zacarias Moussaoui.

One of the agents even scribbled a note saying that Moussaoui might have been planning to crash a 747 into the Twin Towers.

The idea that he may have intended to use a 747 as a bomb also occurred to some on the Pan Am Flight Academy staff.

For FBI lawyers in Washington to claim that there was no evidence that Moussaoui had terrorist connections is absurd.

Did they know he carried a satchel full of cash? Where did they think he got the thousands of dollars he paid for his tuition at two flight schools?

Did they know that instructors at both schools had observed that he was not much interested in learning how to take off and land? Were they aware of Kenneth Williams’ memo?

Let’s reward the few who got it right.

Donald Rupert

Columbiana, Ohio

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