Sealing the deal: Duct tape fails, too


Duct tape: It’s not just for pipe repair and hostage situations anymore.
Recently, in an embarrassing setback for NASA, a temporary window cover fell off the shuttle while it was on the launch pad, damaging thermal tiles near the tail.
It is reported that the plastic cover from one of Discovery’s cockpit windows fell more than 60 feet and struck a bulge in the fuselage.
No one knows why the cover – held in place with duct tape and weighing less than two pounds – fell off.
Oddly inspiring. I know, theoretically, that I am supposed to be appalled.
Clearly, this is a sure sign of complete lack of foresight on the part of NASA – the same government agency that brings us $8,000 toilet seats and $1 million wrenches.
Instead, I find it oddly inspiring that even the great minds (and trillion dollar budgets) at NASA resort to slapping down some duct tape and hoping for the best.
Home front. Me, I live like that every day. Sure, it doesn’t get quite the same press coverage.
Katie Couric isn’t driven to report, breathlessly, that my shower handle has, once again, come off in my hand.
Nonetheless, I take comfort in knowing that from the launch pad to my own backyard (and bathroom, kitchen, playroom, front porch and

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