Something to believe in


Disturbing and disheartening news stories filter through from the next room, and I hear my father bark in hopeless frustration at his television about the state of the world. Usually at a loss for soothing words that might make a difference to him, I remain silent as though I didn’t hear, or worse, that I don’t care. It’s too easy these days to become discouraged, not because our world harbors more confusion now than it ever has, but because we are able to hear about what’s happening everywhere so quickly. Our media thrives where a stir is created, and bad news seems to make the loud noises that stir us up most.

I take heart in the potential of my own children and kids like them everywhere who may hold our communities in their hands someday. The encouraging words for Dad, that failed me, can be found in his granddaughter’s English composition journal. Some of them are thoughtful, some just fun, but together they seem to project a hopeful outlook. Her assignment was to write ten things she believed. Her composition book reads: “I believe…

…in no homework on Fridays.

…that there is nothing like a good pun.

…that you can get along with anyone if you understand them.

…in hearing both sides of the story.

…that the egg came before the chicken.

…that mosquitoes are unnecessary on earth.

…in a clean and tidy house.

…that cats make the best pets.

…that laughter is the best medicine.

…that he who laughs last thinks slowest.

…that you only live once, and if you play it right, once is all

you need.”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Josie.


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