Thank the Lord for You


As we make a time to give thanks, I must note a special thank you to all you readers who have sent in recipes and comments (compliments and criticisms – I welcome both). I could not prepare these pages without your help and I appreciate your support.

The articles and recipes I choose for print are meant to help your home life. Certainly I can more closely tailor them to your needs when I hear from you.

We would still like to change our heading Hearth to Heart to something new. Any suggestions you have for a new title might be helpful.

We are also planning a cookbook (note our Uncle Sam box we’ve been running) with a theme of best loved American family recipes. To be at its best this collection of our readers recipes will be most complete if we hear from every one of you since we print the name and hometown of each contributor.

I welcome suggestions for a title for the cookbook as well. I’ll thank in advance for your help.

I’m also, thankful for the usual things – home, family, health and little things that make a difference to my happiness like picking up a piece of trash that is not in the best place anywhere I am, or moving a woolly worm so it won’t be crushed (even if it means another moth later), or touching someone when I talk to them because personal contact feels especially good.

For what we receive may the Lord make us truly thankful.


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