Thankful for less


So here comes another day when we are able to excuse our indulgences and overindulgences with the label “holiday.” As we go about what is customary for each of us at Thanksgiving time, let’s keep in mind that not everyone has the means to the same levels of abundance. Although many of us can be thankful for the availability of greater quantities of food, clothing and other stuff in general than we’ll ever need, we need to remember that less is more and that quality is more important than quantity.

So, while I’m getting things ready for my Thanksgiving holiday, if I don’t check off everything on my “to do” list, I’ll try not to fret about it to my husband or my kids, making them feel that somehow it’s their fault for my shortcomings when, of course, it isn’t. (I just won the Longest Sentence Award in a short column for 2002.)

I need to remember to be upbeat and do my bit to make the day pleasant. If something gets cooked too well or not enough, I won’t mention it – more than once. I will try to take time to play a game or do a puzzle with my girls. I’ll not worry about the dishes – as if I ever really worry about dirty dishes. (Ask anyone who has been in our house!)

Along with everything I’m grateful for, I would like to be able to be thankful at the end of the day that I have behaved myself and put others first.

Why should we allow holidays to create extra stress? They aren’t supposed to. I hope your Thanksgiving day is smooth and relaxing, that you may have less but that you appreciate it more, and that you behave yourself. I hope none of us are overwhelmed by the holiday but that all of us can feel overwhelmingly thankful!


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