Caring people make hard times easier



There is no question about it. There are still many people in many places who still care about others. I have heard it said by some “no one cares about me.” That is really by no means a true statement. No matter who you are, someone cares about you. You may feel differently due to circumstances in your life, past or present, however someone cares.

I have found that when some folks are going through difficult times such as discouragement, sorrow, losses of all kinds, heartaches and disappointments — this is when they feel perhaps no one cares. I think one of the reasons we may feel that way is we realize that most everyone endures heartaches, worry, health problems and other disappointments so we come to the conclusion they already have enough to deal with.

However, I recently met some very unique caring people at the University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio. People like Mark, Larissa, Ashley, Teresa, Nicole, Marie, Chase, Paula, Adrian and many others. These nurses and others, along with my doctors, were great. They were people who showed to me their love, concern and cared for my needs. Their kindness was beyond explanation.

I spent five days in ICU and just knowing I had great, caring people taking care of me made those five days much easier to go through.

You and I do not realize just how much of a blessing we can be to others if we pause and take time to care. I never realized the encouragement a card could give until I recently received them when I was at a low point in my life physically. Every card, phone call and visit, along with other contacts, were a real blessing to me and I will never forget them.

I was reminded of the scripture in Genesis 4:9 that talks about being our brother’s keeper. Many years ago a friend of mine in my denomination, Dr. Reuben Welch, wrote a book titled We really do need each other. Believe me truer words were never written. We really do need each other.

Thanks to everyone including my wife and family for your caring and many kindnesses to me. I am well on my way to recovery. Praise God for His healing power. It’s a mighty God we serve.



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  1. Caring people always make a difference in anyone’s life, the sad part is there are too few of them. I am fortunate in belonging to the Alliance Garden Club and it is full of caring people. Knowing that I am unable to weed, the members voted to pick a Saturday and come to my home and weed it for me. They are truly caring people and I am truly blessed to have them in my life. It does make up for the lack of concern from my neighbor who destroyed my home and life. I doubt he would have anyone to do this for him.

  2. George Hazlett is a living example of one of God’s principles, sowing and reaping. He has spent a lifetime sowing care into the lives of people like myself and my wife, and countless others. What he has received in return is due the sower.


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