Want to move to Yukon? Canada offering land to homesteaders


The price of farming just went down. Way down. As in free. And too, add owning a big chunk of prime Canadian hunting ground for the same price. Have your attention yet?

The offer is reminiscent of the mid-20th century lure of a ‘farmland for free’ offer from Alaska. That state had the goal of attracting new residents and building an ag-based economy to a distant northern territory that had yet to seriously harvest its vast underground and mostly untapped wealth.

At that time, enticing advertisements projected cabbage heads the size of beach balls and hay fields that would produce enough nutrients to fuel high production dairy herds. It all sounded too good to be true.

And it proved to be just that because of several factors, none more punishing than the grouchy disposition of Alaska’s version of Mother Nature.

Keep in mind, however, many current Alaska residents answered similar calls to homestead and freely claimed and staked properties in what were then rather remote areas. They came, they stayed and they won the right to title their claim.

This Canadian offer suffers some of the same challenges, but also offers high heaps of hope for adventurous souls who don’t mind hard work, monstrous mosquitoes, and lonely, sub-zero winter nights.

Farming in Canada’s distant far-north Yukon territory is the game and only the hardiest players will win.

But winning is relative and the lure is indeed tempting. And, might I add, it’s hard to walk away from an impressive array of huntable wildlife such as moose, deer, bear and much more.

The details are vague at this time, but news sources from the region claim that, indeed, the government will begin a program of homesteading 160-acre plots to those who are able and willing to pursue agricultural use of the land and improve the property over a period of seven years.

After that period, the land will be titled to the homesteader.

Here’s the catch; at this time the offer is extended only to current Canadian residents and persons who are willing to move to and live in the Yukon for one year prior to claiming a free plot.

Apparently, officials feel that the warming effect of global warming is tempering the average temperatures of the region and thus making it hospitable to farming.

If this widespread announcement is true (and one might question that in the new world we live in where news sources can be questionable), a move to the middle of nowhere will certainly attract a few brave souls. And provide color and creature for a round of reality shows.

But don’t pack for the trip yet. Let’s give it a time trial, a real test of legitimacy, before buying a ticket.

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Mike Tontimonia has been writing weekly columns and magazine features about the outdoors for over 25 years, a career that continues to hold the same excitement for him as it did at the beginning. Mike is a retired educator, a licensed auctioneer and marketing consultant. He lives in Ravenna, Ohio and enjoys spending time at his Carroll County cabin. Mike has hunted and fished in several states and Canada from the Carolinas to Alaska and from Idaho to Delaware. His readers have often commented that the stories about his adventures are about as close to being there as possible. He is past president of the Outdoor Writers of Ohio and a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. Mike is also very involved in his community as a school board member and a Rotarian.


  1. dear mike my self wife and family have been looking to move to the beautiful country of Canada and the gorgeous sites views and sounds of Yukon if this article you have written is true how would we go about getting the move in progress as you say we would have to move to Yukon to live for a year before getting the homestead I’m personally very good with my hands and love building anything and everything I’m mechanically minded and can put my hand to any type of work going to support myself and family if there is any help you may be able to offer in advice on who to speak to or get in contact with please feel free to send me an email , many thanks I hope you are well during the winter and hope to hear from you soon

  2. Not as easy as Publisher says to acquire Land ….You must fill out Ton of Papers to Prove Agricultural Enterprise is feasible then go on a Long Waiting List…Then prove that you have Capital to invest…
    Be prepared to Try to make a Farm out of Boggy Mosquito I infested Permafrost Frozen Wilderness…..

  3. Interested in the Yukon offer,personally I think the global warming scheme is just that.But having a chance at 160 acres is worth the gamble. Could you direct me to the correct agency to apply? Thanks

  4. Interested in the Yukon offer,personally I think the global warming scheme is just that.But having a chance at 160 acres is worth the gamble. Could you direct me to the correct agency to apply? Thanks

  5. Hi Mike,

    I hope you are all well and good despite this pandemic. I happened to pass by your article regarding ” Want to move to Yukon? Canada offering land to homesteaders “. Actually, I am sending an application to those farm owners in Canada to work as a FARMER and permanently lived in Canada. In such a case and if it is true, how it will be? Thank you.

    I am from Manila, Philippines.


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