Where was mission control before the storm?


mages of Hurricane Katrina’s destruction blast from our televisions pierced us with secondhand sorrow. Although we may not choose to view the tragedies of our times, we are compelled by them. Those of us who habitually turn on our TV sets watch, spellbound.
Events of today are scrutinized from every angle. Blame will be passed down the line, fingers pointing in varied directions. Talk and time, clouding the target, may allow that ever elusive buck to hide in the bushes, yet, free to roam.
New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin seems correct in believing that efforts began with too little, too late. How can this happen in a land where the effects of Sept. 11, 2001, should have taught us much about preparing for disaster?
Our tendency to compare this latest natural disaster with the terrorist attacks is due to the common denominators of the aftermath. Yet, the difference is, we had the knowledge and the technology to avoid a great portion of the most critical loss resulting from Katrina


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